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  Nira Herrmann
    Nira Herrmann, PhD

Pace Faculty and Lifelong Learning

In previous Digests, we have explored the accomplishments of our students, but in this issue we focus also on the contributions of our faculty, as mentors for our students, innovators in education, and as life-long learners themselves. The “faculty seminar” concept is being piloted this year with funding from the Confucius Institute at Pace.  Its goal is to expand the horizons of interested Pace faculty by providing opportunities for them to study Chinese language and culture together, travel as a group to China for two weeks to immerse themselves in the language, culture and topics of their choice, and return to Pace to create new courses that are infused with the knowledge they gained over the past 6 months. The details of their courses and interests are in this issue of the Digest.

Lifelong learning also lies at the heart of faculty research projects. This learning is more exploratory, since the answers to research questions are not as easy to predict. In this issue, faculty discuss the diverse areas of knowledge they pursue, from why couples choose to remain without children despite considerable societal pressures, studied by Dr. Ida Dupont, to the investigation of disease-bearing parasites in hopes of finding a cure by Dr. Nigel Yarlett, to investigations of humanitarian aid in times of disaster, by new faculty member, Dr. Matthew Bolton.

Lifelong learning epitomizes the legacy of another long-term faculty member, professor emeritus James Holmes. For over 30 years, a group of his former students have been regularly gathering at Pace with Dr. Holmes to study critical world issues, just as they did when they were students in his History Seminar. These alumni come from near and far, having assigned themselves major works to read and present to each other on the topic of choice for each session.  Their dedication is inspired by the example of their professor, in whose honor they have created an endowed fund to assist future students in emulating their learning.

Finally, a lifelong dedication to the art of the documentary has led Dr. Maria Luskay to travel with her students worldwide in search of interesting, inspiring and award-winning topics. This year, the documentary team engaged a second faculty member in their work, Andrew Revkin, as they traveled to Belize in their quest for a new story to tell.

As you read through the other stories in this issue, you will see the influence of Pace’s faculty, their impact on student learning, and the opportunities and guidance they provide for our current students and alumni. More than anything else, a great faculty makes for a great University and Dyson College is proud of its faculty, their accomplishments and their dedication to our students.

Best regards,

Nira Herrmann

Nira Herrmann, PhD
Dean, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
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