Economics Dream Team Takes Pace to the National College Fed Challenge Finals and Wins Honorable Mention

It was a first in the history of Pace University. Dyson College undergraduate economics majors Nashrah Ahmed, Kelsey Berro, Daniel Boutarel, William Hellander, and Sofya Sternik comprised the award-winning College Fed Challenge team that took Pace to the national competition in Washington, D.C. on November 27, 2012. This was the first time Pace advanced to the national finals. Their outstanding performance was recognized with an honorable mention.

Before advancing to the finals, the team placed first in the semi-final New York regional competition and beat out a total of 135 teams from other colleges and universities, including Cornell University, Princeton University, and Harvard University.

“In going all the way to the national competition, they beat teams they never thought they could beat. The students exceeded their own expectations, and that was the most amazing thing about this experience,” said Joseph Morreale, professor of economics.

The College Fed Challenge is an academic competition that encourages students to learn about the U.S. economy, monetary policymaking, and the role of the Federal Reserve System.  The national competition consists of a 15 -minute economic presentation followed by a 15 -minute question and answer (Q&A) period. During the Q&A, students address questions about finance, economics, banking, and monetary policy administered by a panel of professional economists who work at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The competition requires that students work as a team to research and analyze current economic data, develop a forecast of and review potential future economic risks, develop a presentation and answer questions on a recommendation for monetary policy.

The team was coached by Gregory Colman, Anna Shostya and Mark Weinstock, faculty members from Dyson College’s Department of Economics on the New York City campus.