Broadway Director Julie Taymor Discusses the Creative Process & the Business of Show Business

Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor, spoke to a rapt audience at The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts as part of the Pace Masters Series. A veteran director of stage and screen, Ms. Taymor is best known for her Broadway production of The Lion King and, most recently, Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark.

Alex Levitt, a BFA Acting major, was in attendance. “I learned about the business of film and theatre and about her creative process.  It was interesting to hear how she visualizes a project, how it’s executed and the meaning behind it all.”

Ms. Taymor’s work is notable for its distinct visual style, a style that draws upon a range of global influences, from mime to Japanese bunraku puppetry to the films of Federico Fellini.

“For someone about to enter the professional world of performing arts, it was important to hear that nothing was handed to her and that she had to work hard to ensure her vision came through.  I took away from it, mainly, that it's ok to fail. If you take a risk, it brings more satisfaction.”

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