Publishing Blog Connects Students, Faculty and Alumni

The MS in Publishing blog is a vital part of our graduate program and serves as an essential resource for current students, alumni and faculty. As the Blog Editor, one of my main objectives is to showcase the uniqueness of and to create awareness about the program. In addition to providing us a forum to profile our exceptional students, faculty and alumni, it also acts as a recruitment tool for prospective students, aids in creating portfolio pieces for student writers, and has become an academic resource for faculty.

The blog is also home to a variety of posts that promote industry panels, events and organizations, internship and job postings, and interesting news articles, thus enriching the graduate experience for both students and alumni. The blog has helped us to solidify key industry relationships by cross promoting events and news which in turn, has opened up even more opportunities for our students. The blog’s “Publishing Links” section highlights some of our most valued relationships and stellar resources for all who visit the blog.

Last year we had more than 20,000 views of our site, which is in large part due to the unique, practical, interesting and timely information we post there. Perhaps our most popular feature is our monthly “Alumni in the Spotlight” interview, which highlights some of our most successful graduates. Our current students find them useful for networking purposes, and alumni use them to reconnect with their classmates and to showcase their own skills and accomplishments – a useful thing to have as they move on an up in their own careers! We also regularly profile our faculty, staff, advisory board members and guest lecturers to give our readers a real sense of the extraordinary quality of our courses and program.

Managing the blog is an interesting and time consuming job, but one that I love! Two of our students, Jenna Vaccaro, one of our graduate assistants and Diana Cavallo our student aide, work very closely with me to create and post content. The comment I hear most from people is that they love the useful information and the consistency of our posts.

The regular blog features we post weekly include: And monthly we post:
1.   Quote of the Week 1.   Alumni in the Spotlight interviews
2.   Link of the Week 2.   Faculty, Advisory Board or Staff in the Spotlight interviews
3.   Job of the Week 3.   “News From the Trenches”
4.   “Around Town: Book and Magazine Events in New York City”      
5.   Industry events      
6.   Internship and Volunteer opportunities      

The key to a successful blog is having a solid plan for posting content as well as the flexibility to update it often when opportunities present themselves. Check out our blog here:

To learn more about the MS in Publishing program visit our website.

By Professor Jane Kinney-Denning, Director of Internships and Corporate Outreach and Blog Editor, MS in Publishing