Lights, Camera, Action: Nick Buzzell ’05

  Nick Buzzell

“I wear a lot of hats as an entrepreneur,” said Dyson College alumnus Nick Buzzell ’05. “I’m a content creator, producer and distributor, and I oversee business development, strategic direction and creative endeavors for my own company.”

At the ripe age of 31 years old, Buzzell is the CEO and co-founder of NBTV Studios, a thriving multi-platform media company he established in New York City in 2008. NBTV is a booming global media and interactive studio that creates innovative, multi-platform, media experiences on television, film, web and mobile for industry heavyweights such as NBC Universal, Coke, Walmart, Warner Music, and Johnson & Johnson.
“I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life,” said Buzzell who majored in communications at Pace. He was fifteen years old when he started his first company, a community theater group in the small New Hampshire town where he grew up. He’s been a thespian, a fireman (it runs in the family), the vice-president of production and operations for a branded entertainment company, and a comedy writer. “I had a really great experience at Dyson because the faculty helped me focus my interest in the creative arts and taught me the importance of effective communication in the advertising and entertainment markets.”

In his junior year, Buzzell was offered a highly competitive and coveted position as an intern on the Late Show with David Letterman. More than 1,000 students applied, only 20 were interviewed and 10 were made offers. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, but one that required him to work full time. Dyson supported and enabled him to take advantage of this special opportunity.

“Dyson could not have been more supportive,” said Buzzell. “It was an amazing experience to go from working with the show’s executive producers and writers one minute to working with Bruce Willis or Robin Williams the next.”
Most can look back upon their youth and see missed opportunities – too young or too unfocused to recognize opportunity knocking. Not so with Buzzell. He heeded the calls, and seized every opportunity to turn his drive, hard work and risk taking into a successful business.

“From the moment I came to New York City, I was determined that I would take advantage of everything the city and Pace had to offer. I followed my passion and Dyson was instrumental in helping me figure out how to get where I wanted to go.”