Sherman Raskin on the Road in China

  Sherman Raskin Visits China

This November, Sherman Raskin set out on his fourth three-week trip to China, visiting Beijing, Nanjing, and Wuhan.  Raskin and his team of faculty and alumni from Dyson’s Publishing program were there to participate in the 4th Digital Conference in Publishing in Wuhan, a conference sponsored by Pace University, Wuhan University and China’s General Administration of Press and Publication (GAAP). While there, Raskin also met with Chinese publishing executives, with whom he’s built important relationships.

Since 2006, Raskin has forged relationships with Chinese publishing giants with the goal of fostering communication, business opportunities and publishing education between the two countries. He can count among Pace’s partners in China the publishing conglomerates China Publishing Group (CPG) and Phoenix Publishing Media Group (PPMG), respectively ranked #22 and #23 by Publisher’s Weekly list of the world’s largest book publishers. These relationships have opened the doors for other members of the Pace community, including President Friedman who was hosted by CPG on his recent trip to China.

“Sherman Raskin has been the pioneer in building Pace’s international profile in China,” says Dyson Dean Nira Herrmann. “He created a culture of professional exchange with the publishing houses, China’s universities, and Pace to further education in the publishing industry. In addition, the relationships he developed led to the Confucius Institute coming to Pace.”

In New York City the Publishing program annually hosts week-long training seminars for Chinese publishing executives. The seminars include invited speakers from U.S. publishing houses like McGraw-Hill and Amazon Children’s Publishing.  The seminars also provide a forum for executives from both sides of the Pacific to meet and network. To date, Pace Publishing has trained 45 executives from CPG and 250 from PPMG.

In the suburbs of Nanjing, PPMG gave Raskin and his associates a VIP tour of their state of the art printing facility. The 25 executives who trained recently in NYC were proud to show the major strides that they made. “Because of our training, PPMG has added a new on demand printing plant to its operations and next year plans to implement cloud technology. They credited the Pace training and our publishing colleagues for their success,” said Raskin.

Currently, Raskin is finalizing an agreement with the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications to have students enroll in Pace’s online graduate publishing program, and he’s exploring the idea of sending interns to PPMG in the summer. In the spring another group of CPG executives will arrive in NYC for training, and book by book, Raskin will continue to forge new relationships and inroads to China.