Derek Stroup, Dyson`s First Artist-in-Residence

FOLDS by Derek Stroup

FOLDS by Derek Stroup

The Department of Fine Arts in Pleasantville is pleased to announce a new residency program for artists that began this June. Derek Stroup, Dyson’s first artist-in-residence, will work in the Pace studios creating a new series of language-based sculptures. Stroup will meet with students in the Pace art program throughout the summer as the project progresses. The completed project, FOLDS, will be on display in the Choate House Gallery in September. A description of FOLDS and Stroup’s brief biography are below. For more information, call the Department of Fine Arts at 914-773-3473.


FOLDS is a series of sculptures that creates a physical encounter with language. The materials are simple: painted wood, hinges, wire. The sculptures are made out of wooden letters that are bolted to a wall, suspended from the ceiling, stretching across the floor, etc. The words are concrete and tangible—almost like commercial signs, but the letters are joined together with flexibility as the key value. The hinges between letters may sag, and the wires joining the letters permit bending and folding. The words and phrases may twist, curve or slump as they yield to gravity. This is a project about seeing the reverse side of language—something familiar bent backwards, briefly illegible so that the process of reading becomes conscious, not automatic. The words and phrases vary and may change depending on context. In general, Stroup has chosen texts that are simple visually, yet also texts that, given their sculptural deployment, achieve a kind of evasiveness or playful uncertainty.

Derek Stroup
Brief Biography

Derek Stroup earned a BA from Williams College and an MFA from the University of California, San Diego. His work is in numerous public and private collections including The Contemporary Museum (Honolulu), ArtCollTrust, Biograph, and the Artist’s Books Collection at The Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago). Exhibition venues include The Contemporary Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego), Cirrus Gallery, Quint Contemporary Art, PS 122, Roy Boyd Gallery and others. He is the author of three books: Field Guide (2002), Rope Swing Manifesto (2004), and Candy (2006). Printed Matter, Inc. in New York distributes his books. The online version of Rope Swing Manifesto can be seen at

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