Faculty Notes

Janetta Rebold Benton, PhD, Fine Arts, delivered two lecture series this spring at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one on “Italian Genius: Renaissance Painters and Sculptors,” and another on “Great Museums: Vienna, Prague, Munich, and Berlin.” Her Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities, co-authored with Bob DiYanni, is now in its third edition (2007, 2 volumes, combined edition, Prentice Hall).

Robert A. Cicenia, PhD, Mathematics, was honored with a Certificate of Recognition for “exemplary teaching and providing those educational experiences that contribute to the development of the education profession” by the Future Educators Association in April.

Jillian Mcdonald, Fine Arts, had her body of work from 2003 - 2005 “Me and Billy Bob,” which includes video, photography, and an opening night performance, exhibited at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, June 29 to August 25, as part of “Conversations,” an ongoing series of exhibitions featuring a local artist (Mark Lee Morris) alongside an artist from another point on the globe (Mcdonald).

Her web projects and videos “Me and Billy Bob” and “Screen Kiss” are on view in My Own Private Reality, Growing Up Online in the 90s and 00s at the Edith Russ Site for Media Art in Oldenburg, Germany. This exhibition features some of the top internet artists working today.

Will Pappenheimer, Fine Arts, received a Rhizome Commissions Award, which supports new works of Internet-based art, for his VF, Virta-Flaneurazine-SL Proposal for Clinical Study with fellow artist John Craig Freeman. Learn more about this work. This year, 11 emerging artists/collectives have been awarded commissions. The commissioned works will be presented on Rhizome.org and at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as archived in Rhizome’s online archive, the ArtBase. He also received a Turbulence Net Art Commission, awarded to “emerging” and established artists. This grant will support a new network based project entitled “Invisible Influenced.” Learn more about this work

His work, “This is Not the Future,” was exhibited at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia for the month of June; and with co-creators eteam, John Craig Freeman, and Philipp Bönhof, “Place Relations“ (a large-scale version of the Public Mood Ring) was exhibited at Kunstraum Walcheturm in Zurich, Switzerland, July 10-14.

Marcy A. Peteroy-Kelly, PhD, Biology and Health Sciences, had her article “A Discussion Group Program Enhances the Conceptual Reasoning Skills of Students Enrolled in a Large Lecture-Format Introductory Biology Course,” published in the American Society for Microbiology’s Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (May 2007).

Grace (Sid) Ray, PhD, English, had her essay, “Marlow(e)’s Africa: Postcolonial Queenship in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Marlow(e)’s Dido, Queen of Carthage,” published in Conradiana: A Journal of Joseph Conrad Studies (2006, vo. 38, no. 2).

JaimeLee I’olani Rizzo, PhD, Chemistry and Physical Sciences, delivered a keynote speech at The Urban University Conference Series, held at The City College, City University of New York this spring.

Roger Sayre, Fine Arts, had his work “The Evergreen Game,” included in the “About Photography” exhibit at Victory Hall Contemporary Art Center, Jersey City, from June 1- June 30. His work is a digital photographic representation of a chess game.