Faculty Giving: The Sherman Raskin Scholarship Fund

Sherman Raskin, Director, MS in Publishing Program

“Anything I can do to help students complete their education at Pace is important.” — Sherman Raskin, Director, MS in Publishing Program

“I remember as an undergraduate at Columbia how I relied on my scholarship, so I feel that anything I can do to help students complete their education at Pace is important,” says Sherman Raskin, director of the MS in Publishing program.

In 1994, members of the Publishing program advisory board surprised Raskin by establishing the Sherman Raskin Scholarship Fund with a modest amount of $2,000. “The fund supports students who show academic excellence, but also have financial need,” he says. Scholarship awards ranging from $500 to $1,000 have supported 10 graduate students in the Publishing program to date. Committed to ensuring the fund’s viability, Raskin has contributed to the fund over the years, and recently pledged a $12,000 donation over a five-year period.

A dedicated fundraiser, Raskin has worked with many publishing companies and individuals to establish scholarships that support publishing students. They include the Business Press of America Robert Edgell Scholarship, American Media Inc. Scholarship, Deloitte and Touche LLP Scholarship, David Pecker Scholarship, Los Angeles Times/Herbert K. Schnall Scholarship, and Reader’s Digest Scholarship.Visit the Web site for more details

Raskin sums it up: “As tuition continues to increase, it’s my responsibility to ensure that we continue to increase the endowments by working with Pace’s Office of Philanthropy. Our mission is to educate students so that they may contribute to the publishing industry with knowledge and expertise, as well as to support our students’ financial needs towards this end.”

If you would like to contribute to the Sherman Raskin Scholarship Fund or other scholarships that benefit Pace students, please contact Adrienne Capps, Dyson’s director of development, at acapps@pace.edu or (212) 346-1907.

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