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Winter 2006


Barbara Friedman, Fine Arts, had a one-person exhibition of her paintings at Paul Sharpe Fine Arts Gallery in New York City from June 8 to July 9.

Mark Hussey, PhD, English and Women's and Gender Studies, is the general editor for the entire series of Harcourt's Annotated Works of Virginia Woolf, and writes the preface and chronology for each book in the series. He also edited and wrote the introduction for To the Lighthouse.

Christopher Malone, PhD, Political Science, has been named to be a district coordinator and a resident scholar for the Center for Civic Education's (CCE) We the People program, designed to promote an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the American constitutional democracy.

Jillian Mcdonald, Fine Arts, launched her “Screen Kiss,” which was commissioned by Soil New Media in Canada and exhibited at Transmedia:29:59 in Toronto. Her web projects were exhibited at Le Manifestation d'Art Bienale in Québec City and the Seoul Net Festival in Korea.

David N. Rahni, PhD, Chemistry and Physical Sciences, had his book Bioimaging in Neurodegeneration, coedited with Patricia A. Broderick, PhD, Edwin H. Kolodny, MD, published by Humana Press this spring.

Eugene Richie, PhD, English, edited Selected Prose, by John Ashbery, a Pace honorary degree holder (University of Michigan Press Poets on Poetry series and Carcanet press, England, 2004) which was favorably reviewed in March 2005 by the New York Times Book Review and the Los Angeles Times Book Review.

Roger Sayre, Fine Arts, had his work, Sitting, at the PhotoNewburgh Gallery, reviewed by Peter Applebome in the New York Times. This piece combines primitive photography with meditation, collaboration and endurance. Sitting consists of a very large custom-made pinhole camera that sits in the middle of a gallery, a chair and a set of lights on a timer. The sitter is, in essence, on exhibit during the time they are sitting for their one-hour exposure. Once the portrait is processed it is hung on the gallery walls surrounding the camera. As the exhibition continues, more and more images are generated and the walls fill with portraits. The resulting portraits resonate with a likeness of the sitter that is possibly truer than a traditional fraction-of-a-second photograph or snapshot.

Richard B. Schlesinger, PhD, Biology, recently served as an adviser to the World Health Organization Clean Air for Europe group, for which he authored a white paper on "Toxicology of Ambient Particulate Pollution."

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