Dyson Mourns Loss of Professor Melvyn J. Oremland

Dyson Digital Digest
Winter 2006


The entire Pace University and Dyson College communities mourn with profound sadness the loss of Melvyn J. Oremland, Ph.D., who passed away on July 17, 2005. We extend our deep sympathies to his wife, Lenore, and to his son, daughter, and grandchild. He will be greatly missed.

“During his nearly 40 years at Pace, Dr. Oremland had a profound affect on his students and colleagues as an enthusiastic, affable, and likeable educator and friend. Mel was truly loved by the Dyson community,” says Dean Herrmann. “He had a positive impact on the college as a dynamic, creative, and spirited scholar and teacher.”

Due to his insight and great resolve, he established the Forensic Science program. As a dedicated advocate of faculty and supporter of the university, he served as chair of the New York Faculty Council and cochaired the Second Century Strategic Planning Committee. As an educator, he was instrumental in creating courses for the core curriculum and won the Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence in 1998.

Pace University has established the Melvyn J. Oremland Scholarship Fund in tribute to Mel’s dedication and devotion to Pace, as well as to his students, family, friends and colleagues. It will provide much needed financial support to academically outstanding students in Dyson’s forensic science program who exemplify Mel’s commitment to quality teaching and who demonstrate a strong commitment to their academic work.

The University has created the fund with a contribution of $5,000 and we hope that you will join the effort by making a tax-deductible donation to the Melvyn J. Oremland Scholarship Fund. Your gift will not only honor Mel, but will also help our forensic science students become future leaders in the program, in the field and in the community.

Please direct contributions to Adrienne Capps, Dyson’s Director of Development, 41 Park Row, Room 1604 with checks made payable to the Melvyn J. Oremland Scholarship Fund. For more information, please contact Adrienne at (212) 346-1907 or acapps@pace.edu.

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Melvyn J. Oremland, PhD

Melvyn J. Oremland, PhD