Winter 2007

Dyson Digital Digest
  Winter 2007
Building Global Relationships: Pace Publishing Program Creates Strong Ties to China
  Research to Stop Cancer Cells in Their Tracks   Dean's Message
Prof. Krucher, PhD, with Pace Students   Pace Scientists Take a Novel Approach
Dean Nira Herrmann, PhD   Dyson College to Receive an Extraordinary Gift
  The Center for Community Outreach at Dyson College
  Patricia Gloster-Coates, PhD, Receives Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence
Pace Students Paint a Mural at a Bronx School   Promoting Civic Responsibility and Giving Students a Robust Learning Experience
Prof. Gloster-Coates, PhD    
  Dyson Professor Receives International Patent   Dyson Staff, Faculty, and Student Recognized at 2006 National Role Models Conference
Prof. Rizzo, PhD, with Pace Students    
Academic Adviser Tracy Jarvis    
  Pulitzer Prize Winner Visits Pace Creative Writing Class   Dyson Professor Catches up with Dyson Alumnus in Oklahoma
Author Jhumpa Lahiri    
Prof. Martin, PhD    
  Is Literature Really Necessary?   Faculty Notes
Prof. Kirschstein, PhD   Associate Professor Kirschstein discusses whether literature is
really necessary

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