Building Global Relationships: Pace Publishing Program Creates Strong Ties to China

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Winter 2007

Pace Publishing Program Creates Strong Ties To China's Wuhan University Publishing Program And China's Burgeoning Publishing Industry

With sure, steady progress spearheaded by Professor Sherman Raskin, the Master of Science in Publishing Program has been fostering publishing education in China and making significant connections to China's publishing industry with executive training programs and conferences.

2006 was a banner year for the program. "We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding Cooperation with Wuhan University and one with the Phoenix Publishing Media Group (PPMG) in China, established the Sino-American Publishing Research Center, and co-sponsored the first publishing industry conference in China," explains Raskin, Director of the Publishing Program.

Two cooperative agreements are penned.
Signed in May 2006, the cooperative understanding memorandum between Pace University and Wuhan University establishes "the framework within which academic and scientific cooperation may develop within and between the institutions." Initiatives include the promotion and facilitation of teaching, research, and other cooperative activities. Additionally, the two institutions will explore the development of cooperative programs, such as faculty exchanges, senior publishing executive training programs, and international conferences between Pace's Publishing Program and Wuhan's Publishing Science Department. Further, on May 15, 2006, a similar agreement was signed with Phoenix Publishing Media Group, a major publishing conglomerate based in Nanging, China.

The first Publishing Research Center in China is established.
As the initial outcome of the cooperative memorandum with PPMG, the Sino-American Publishing Research Center, the first of its kind in China, was inaugurated in August 2006 at a ceremony in Nanjing. Through the Center, Pace University, PPMG, Nanjing University, and Jiangsu Province have committed themselves to nurturing the publishing industry in China, advancing education and research in the publishing field, and building bridges of collaboration and exchange between the United States and the People's Republic of China.

The first international publishing conference in China takes place.
Hosted by Wuhan University and co-sponsored by the Pace Publishing Program and GAPP-WU (General Administration of Press and Publication) Advanced Training Center for Publishing of China, "The First International Conference on Publishing Industry and Publishing Education in the Digital Age," was held November 1-4, 2006. "With 250 participants, the conference was an enormous success. We had publishing executives and academic colleagues from Germany, England, the United States, and China in attendance. This was wonderful exposure not only for our program, but also for Wuhan University," Raskin says.

In a collaborative effort, Raskin worked with Dyson Dean Nira Herrmann, PhD, and the Publishing Program faculty, who supported the conference. Raskin also received assistance and guidance from Vice President for International Opportunities Beverly Kahn, PhD, who helped obtain visas and supported some of the travel costs. Conference proceedings will be published in English by the Pace University Press, as well as in Chinese by PPMG.

An academic information exchange.
"There are 70 publishing schools in China, with undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. As part of our collaboration, they are using our programs as a practical experiential model for their own program development," says Raskin.

A visiting research scholar program has been in existence for six years at Pace, and through these new agreements has expanded. PPMG executives, Wuhan faculty members, and publishing professionals from other parts of China have been in residence at Pace, working with Pace publishing professors and New York City publishing executives to gain a greater understanding of the publishing business. Many visiting scholars are graduates of the Pace Publishing Program. Visit the Web site for more information about scholars on campus this semester.

Raskin is working closely with Dean Herrmann and Dr. Kahn to develop a joint degree program with Xiamen University’s Master of Public Administration program in Xiamen, China.

Building from the ground up.
The Pace Publishing Program is uniquely positioned at the doorstep of a nascent Chinese industry. "China's publishing industry wants to learn how to do business with the Western world and how to do business in today's global environment. They want to train their students and executives to succeed," says Raskin. "China's publishing companies are growing, and we're there on the ground floor in establishing a relationship with them that benefits both them and Pace."

Looking ahead.
Raskin's goal is to make the Pace MS in Publishing Program the premier national and international graduate program by 2010. "We are working with the publishing community to support issues important to the publishers and foster higher education in the publishing field," says Raskin. The initiatives with China are just the beginning of a unique global collaboration that will continue to flourish under Raskin's guidance and dedication.

In light of many of Pace's strategic agenda objectives, including: "To increase the recognition and reputation of Pace's academic strength, to increase the access international students have to Pace and to strengthen existing academic and research centers with an international emphasis, as well as develop new centers," the Publishing Program is making a significant contribution toward the achievement of these objectives.

For more information about the Publishing Program, visit the Web site.

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Sherman Raskin speaks at the First International Conference on Publishing Industry and Publishing Education in the Digital Age.

Sherman Raskin speaks at the Sino-American Publishing Research Center inaugural ceremony.

Prof. Raskin speaks with Mr. Sun Zhijun

Prof. Raskin, Director of the M.S. in Publishing Program, speaks with Mr. Sun Zhijun, Senior Adviser to the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and Chairman of the Jiangsu Overseas Culture Exchange Association.

Prof. Raskin and Mr. Sun unveil the plaque commemorating the new research center.

Prof. Raskin and Mr. Sun unveil the plaque commemorating the new research center.

The First International Conference on Publishing Industry and Publishing Education in the Digital Age.

The First International Conference on Publishing Industry and Publishing Education in the Digital Age.