Reacting to the Past

Welcome to Reacting to the Past at Pace University. Reacting to the Past (RTTP) is an engaging pedagogy where students role play vital moments from the past. Student prepare by reading primary and secondary sources and by investigating the historical characters they play in debates. They also read literary works and learn the cultural contexts of the period they are studying. Class discussion is led by students while professors and student preceptors help to run the simulations.

Student Reactions

“It opened your eyes and provided a deep understanding of the workings of the Tudor dynasty and its involvement with Europe.”

“The discussions. It’s easier to remember things when you actively participate.”

“Reacting to the past was the best experience I’ve had in college so far.”

“I found it very insightful, and perhaps even enlightening, playing the roles I played. As somebody on the center-right part of the political spectrum, it was, at first, a bit of a challenge to get into the mindset of a proto-communist. But after all the readings and instruction, I managed to jump right into it on the first game session and set aside all reservations (vivre la commune de Paris!)”

“The reacting game itself strongly reinforces the information we were meant to learn in the class.”

“Playing the game gives you a deeper, stronger understanding of the material. Putting the knowledge we gained through lectures into use during the games is incredibly effective and valuable.”

“Drs. Driver and Reagin form and amazing dynamic. I’d liken it to one of those buddy cop movies: Dr. Driver is the straight-shooter, delivering orthodox, yet interesting lectures, where Dr. Reagin is the slightly unhinged-one, in the best sense of the term. I found it quite the (informative) spectacle when she went off on her rant about the sheer counter-factuality of women's suffrage passing in the National Assembly.”