Dyson Scholars in Residence Program on the Pleasantville Campus

Want to try a unique Dyson College experience? Then consider applying for this year-long Living-Learning Community in Elm Hall on the Pleasantville Campus.

You’ve had the opportunity to read, study, and discuss ideas in the traditional classroom. This program offers something more: the chance to join a community of diverse students who live together in a residence hall, take special seminars that explore important ideas and issues, do hands-on research to develop a community service project, build friendships with dedicated peers, and find a mentor in a committed faculty member who spends time with the community in the residence hall.

Dyson Scholars in Residence students live together in semi-suite accommodations in Elm Hall, creating a vibrant learning community within the residence hall.  This signature academic experience supports Dyson College’s mission to provide its majors with opportunities to expand their intellectual landscape, to stimulate their scholarly curiosity, and to engage in hands-on experiences blended with academic learning. Students will live in a special block of semi-suite rooms in Elm Hall and fall and spring seminar courses will meet in the adjoining lounge space.  In addition to course work, students will have the opportunity to create and run their own residence hall-based programming such as films, speakers, community dinners and local outings.

This program is open to Pleasantville campus students with Dyson College majors and to undecided students who are considering Dyson College majors.

Academic Year 2017-2018

What courses do I take as part of this program?

Students take 6 credits as part of the program:  a 3-credit Fall seminar and a 3-credit Spring seminar.  Both courses will meet on Monday nights from 6:10-9:00 PM in Elm Hall, in a lounge adjoining the students’ living accommodations.  Students must be registered in both courses to remain in the program. In both the fall and spring semesters, students work on individual and group projects that they present to the Dyson College community in the spring. Withdrawing from the program’s courses will mean leaving the Elm Hall accommodations. 

What is the topic of the Dyson Scholars in Residence for 2017-2018?

Fall 2017 Seminar: Creating a Good Life 

Led by Dr. Jane Collins of the English and Modern Language Studies Department, this course explores the intersection of research on creativity, productivity, success and happiness. Students will explore the idea of how creativity works in all aspects of professional life—whether you are a small business owner creating a new product, or a writer creating a novel or a scientist creating an experiment.  Situated in a culture that privileges the idea of an “American Dream,” our course materials (readings, film and other media) will look at how literature, philosophy, psychology and popular culture express ideas about what a “good life” entails.  We will use creative writing techniques to generate memoirs, stories, personal essays and multi-media works that investigate, challenge and further those American ideals. Each student will use creative techniques and strategies for self-discovery and to generate their own roadmap or path towards a happy future.

Spring 2018 Seminar: Research and Service

Based on our Fall semester findings, we will create a hands-on service project for our Spring semester to consider the role of “giving back” in building a satisfying life.

Apply NOW! Click on this link and fill out an application. Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2017.

Contact Dr. Jane Collins at jcollins@pace.edu if you have any questions.