S.H.O.T. Database

Interest in police shooting incidents has increasingly become the focus of the media and criminal justice researchers. As of summer of 2016, there is no OFFICIAL national database that coordinates the collection of incident information with variables on subjects and officers that can be used to better understand these incidents and develop strategies to reduce gun violence by law enforcement in the United States. Few studies have analyzed officer-involved shootings from a use of deadly force policy perspective. More specifically, little scholarly research on police shootings focusing on precursor variables is available because most research has been done by the media mainly on the city or local level.

The Statistics Help Officer Training (SHOT) database is an academic collaboration between Dyson College of Arts and Sciences’ Criminal Justice and Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Informations Systems’ Information Technology departments at Pace University. SHOT is a multi-faceted project that has been established to develop a national database of police shooting incidents with robust attributes on the suspect, officer and incident. The data, which will be useful to US government agencies, police departments and researchers, can be statistically, spatially and temporally analyzed to better understand the dynamics of these types of incidents. The SHOT database provides the research community and law enforcement the opportunity to study the dynamics of shooting incidents, the ability to analyze this information and understand trends and patterns.