Environmental Science, BS


Environmental Science

This degree program provides students with an interdisciplinary environmental science degree within the context of a liberal arts education. It is designed for students interested in a scientific perspective on environmental issues and allows them to continue with advanced studies in a graduate degree program or work in environmental science.

Pace’s new Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences brings together all of Pace University’s undergraduate and graduate environmental programs into one department, providing students with a central location for its academic environmental programs as well as research and co-curricular opportunities.

In addition, we offer combined degree programs that allow students to take courses as an undergraduate that will count toward a master’s degree, so they can graduate with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in less time than if they were pursued separately. Our majors can be tailored to suit your career objectives, as well as provide you with many opportunities to gain hands-on experience beyond the classroom through fieldwork and internships.

Our undergraduate students conduct independent laboratory research in collaboration with highly respected faculty members, often at a level typically reserved for graduate students, using scientific resources one would expect to find at a large research institution. Students have presented the results of their research work at national and international scientific meetings and have authored papers in scientific journals. They have also been the recipients of international fellowships for continued study in the United States and abroad.

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