1. How can I stay up to date on the Center for Community Action and Research’s (CCARS’s) events and opportunities?

There are several ways to stay connected to CCAR. You can: sign up for CCAR’s New York City’s listserv and/or Pleasantville’s listserv; become a fan of CCAR’s New York City and/or Pleasantville Facebook page(s), and check out Pace’s university calendar.

2. What does the CCAR have for students and student organization?

CCAR is an office that is a place for student development. Its staff can mentor you as a leader, through Project Pericles Leadership Certificate, get you involved in activism and volunteering, and help you find an unpaid internship/volunteer position. CCAR is also happy to aid you in organizing a volunteer event for your student organization. For more information please visit CCAR’s Student and Student Organization page.

3. What does the CCAR have for faculty and staff?

CCAR strives to partner with Pace faculty and staff in unique and exciting ways. From developing AOK1 courses, to involing staff in CCAR’s programming, to working together to produce cutting edge research about community-based learning. For more information please visit CCAR’s Faculty and Staff page.

4. What does the CCAR have for community organizations?

One of CCAR’s main objectives is to facilitate strong, long-term relationships with community organizations in New York City and Westchester County. We are always happy to speak with community organizations to create volunteer events for members of Pace, promote community organization’s unpaid internships and volunteer positions, and bring community organizations to Pace for educational events. For more information please visit CCAR’s Community Organizations page.

5. Does CCAR facilitate fundraisers, drives or walks?

While CCAR recognizes the importance of fundraisers, drives and walks, as well as their value in the panoply of volunteer opportunities, we do not facilitate these types of events. Please do not contact us about fundraisers, drives, walks or the like.

6. I signed up for one of CCAR’s volunteering events. Now what?

You will receive an e-mail within three business days from a CCAR office once you’ve submitted your name, contact information, and the title of the event you want to attend via our online form. Approximately three days before the event you will be e-mailed and phoned to confirm your attendance. Please note: you must confirm in order to reserve your spot as a volunteer! Once you’ve confirmed you will receive an e-mail regarding the volunteer event’s details and your participation. Questions? Contact the CCAR office organizing the volunteer event.