Jefferson Awards for Public Service

Nominations are typically due in October each year.

Nominations for the Jefferson Awards for Public Service are faculty, staff, and students solicited from the Pace University community. Finalists are selected based on their personal, sustained commitment to service, and for the model of spirit and service they provide the university community. Applicants or nominees that best represent a dedication to service and to community from Pace win each year, one of which is selected by the national program to represent Pace at the national Jefferson Awards for Public Service ceremony in Washington D.C. each summer.

The most up to date information on deadlines, applying for, or nominating someone for the Jefferson Awards for Public Service can be found here.

For more information about the Jefferson Awards for Public Service visit Questions about nominating an individual (or applying for the award yourself) for the Jefferson Awards should be directed to Heather Novak, Associate Director on our Pleasantville Campus at, or Daniel Botting, Associate Director on our New York City campus at

2015-2016 Pace Bronze Medal Award winners include:

Hasin Ahmed   Ms. “Nelli” Pamela Marianelli Villarta Agbulos is a Political Science and Women and Gender Studies double major on the New York City campus. Inspired to work in the nonprofit field of ending sexual violence, Nelli conducts extensive research and service work on issues of domestic violence, NYC’s sexual health education, and sexual assault. Her commitment is demonstrated through her ongoing involvement as a Volunteer Hotline Advocate for The Domestic Violence Project, her two years with Generation Citizen (GC) which provided her with the opportunity to be a Democracy Coach and guide high school seniors in creating a curriculum on sexual assault awareness, and her work on getting others involved with the GC Club on the Pace NYC Campus. Ms. Agbulos co-created and writes for the Anti-Trafficking Independence Project, a blog dedicated to promoting awareness on human trafficking. She serves as a Peer Advocate Against Sexual Assault and she is the creator and co-founder of #PaceUEndRape, a student-led organization committed to sustained activism on ending sexual assault. #PaceUEndRape continues to work with Pace’s Sexual Assault Task Force to improve campus policy. Nelli serves as a teaching assistant for Travel and Tourism, a civic engagement course.  Says Nelli, “These elements of self-advocacy and perseverance are some my personal service values that I share with others because I believe anyone can lead change.”
Lisa Moscoroloto   Ms. Caitlin Boley is a Political Science and Religious Studies double major on the New York City campus. Caitlin is passionate about equality and social justice, and has a particular interest in racial justice, disarmament, and international peace. In her work with the Center for Community Action and Research, she supervise more than 10 community service events, as well planned and supervised numerous opportunities for her fellow students to get involved in service and civic engagement. She worked with Memphis Work Camp, an annual service project sponsored by several Memphis area Churches that bring teenagers, college students, and adults together to repair, scrape, and paint homes for people in need. Caitlin has been an active member of Model United Nations and the Student Peace Alliance, played a leadership role in working to found an alternative student newspaper on campus focusing on activism, and completed a Wilson Center Funded internship with PAX. She is also currently the President of the Pace Political Science Society. Through all of her activities, Caitlin has demonstrated her passion for community engagement and for inspiring and involving her fellow students in service and activism.
Daniel Borakove   Dr. Melissa Cardon is a professor of Management and Management Science on the Pleasantville campus. Dr. Melissa Cardon is an extremely active member of her department, school, university, academic profession, and community, and serves on and leads a number of committees at all of these levels. She has particularly dedicated her time, efforts, and talents to raising awareness and funds to fight cancer. She dedicates countless hours to activities related to cancer prevention, survivor and caregiver support, and research. She has been the Faculty Advisor to Colleges Against Cancer since 2009. Under her mentorship, Relay for Life has raised more than $300,000 in the past six years at Pace and has an average of 60 teams and 525 individuals participate each year.  In her local community she is an active member of the White Plains Relay for Life committee, High School PTA, and Boy Scout troop, and is a Board Member for the McNichols Family Foundation. “I am very devoted to student development, both through formal and informal means.”
David Cassuto   Ms. Rosanna Corvino, is a staff member in Web Services for Information Technology in Briarcliff.  Ms. Rosanna Corvino’s passion for understanding the structures that perpetuate poverty led her to pursue undergraduate economics regression analysis on the inequities in the Connecticut public school district, grades k-12, as well as intern with Project Rescue and Assist New Americans. Post-graduation from Fairfield University, she had a short stint teaching in Chicago through Teach for America. After moving back to Connecticut Rosanna developed relationships with several non-profits in her neighboring area, and fosters these relationships to this day. She has served food at, and organized coat and Thanksgiving drives, for Bridgeport Rescue Mission. She is in the midst of organizing a “Stuff a Truck” drive with them as well. She organized a group to clean and reorganize Bridgeport Rescue Mission's donation center. She organized several Habitat for Humanity fundraisers and group builds. She has also helped maintain the gardens in conjunction with Urban Roots, a community-led, local, urban garden.  She has organized groups to participate in a myriad of races; the Lindsay Bonistall 5k for safe living for college students, and MACS Angels foundation for ALS outreach. “I am always seeking out new opportunities to impact my community, and am fortunate to have passionate family and friends that always sign up for whatever activity I may throw their way.”
George Feis   Ms. Melanie Greene is a student in Information Technology on the New York City campus. She is empowering individuals with disabilities to advocate for themselves through innovative technology. With her work with AHRC New York City, she has been utilizing best-in-the-field devices related to fitness, health, medication, nutrition and weight tools in order to improve the health of those she worked with. She has been engaged in mentoring people with disabilities offering comfort and encouraging independence in the management of their personal situations. Working with a high school aged group with developmental and intellectual disabilities, she helped them create visual stories using iPad devices and iMovie. For a senior group, Melanie has assisted those with disabilities by using iPad tablet tools to create individual multimedia presentations. Her mentoring has been supportive to those needing encouragement to proudly represent themselves and their hardships in a personalized way. In addition she has been an active volunteer for Angel’s Circle, Island Shores Nursing Home, March of Dimes, TCS NYC Marathon, and LiveONNY. "I am confident that my work at Pace University will lead me to a lifetime of opportunities in the field of technology where I can make a difference in someone’s life and live my dream of giving back to my community and eventually the global community."
Sara Digiovanna   Ms. Debra Sassano, is a staff member in the CHP Dean’s Office for the in Pleasantville. Whether it be rocking an infant to sleep in a hospital children’s ward, or – with her son - collecting toys at the holidays for hospitalized children and delivering them to the Child Life Department staff to make sure that every child has a gift, or organizing a breakfast for sophomore nursing students wearing their scrubs for the first time, Ms. Debra Sassano is always ready to serve her community in all possible venues. She helped with volunteer relief when Hurricane Sandy struck, collected personal items like soap, shampoo, Purell, and more for the Haiti earthquake victims, sends collected toiletries to the homeless women’s shelter, and volunteers regularly with Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. “I live my life each and every day to make my mother proud. She passed away in 1994 after a battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease. The way that I do that is by trying my BEST to treat every person that I come in contact with kindness because she raised me to be a loving and caring person.”
Harriet Feldman   Dr. Christelle Scharff is a faculty member in Computer Science on the New York City campus and has taught numerous courses at Pace University, including software engineering, quality assurance & reliability, databases, programming, and mobile application development. In several of these courses, students from Pace collaborate with students abroad (Cambodia, India, Thailand, Senegal, and Tanzania) on software development projects with social impact. In 2008, she founded a project called Mobile Senegal, whose mission is to “build capacity in mobile app development and organize activities for the wider tech community.” In the past 6 years, the organization has trained more than 450 developers in mobile app development in Senegal and is listed as an African Tech Hub by the World Bank.
Jered Harvey   Ms. Carolyn Phillips is a Political Science major on the New York City campus. She has a strong passion for the Olympics and is currently interning with the Special Olympics, where she has been a volunteer since her junior year.  She recently volunteered at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles and has signed up to volunteer at the Olympics in Rio. Aside from her passion for the Olympics, Carolyn is also very passionate about volunteering and has done so since her first year of high school. She has focused on serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, supporting cancer research and cancer patients, animals, and countries in need such as Uganda and Darfur. Carolyn also uses her skills as a photographer in her volunteer work as she helps photograph events for charities and foundations. Carolyn has proven to be a leader in all that she does and this can be seen throughout her service work listed in the sections below. “Because of my love of volunteering, I am minoring in Nonprofit Studies at Pace, and I will work for a nonprofit after college. I love helping people; it fuels me and is my passion.  
Ann Marie Pavia   Prof. Ashley Marinaccio is a faculty member in the School of Performing Art on the New York City campus and is a theatre artist who creates work that challenges the status quo. She is a founder and the Artistic Director of Girl Be Heard, a United Nations recognized nonprofit theatre company that presents work written and performed by young women on pressing socio-political issues. Girl Be Heard has served over 170 tri-state area girls through our award winning theatre company and is in 11 schools across the 5 boroughs of NYC. Ashley is particularly interested in theatre as a tool for cultural preservation and healing in communities affected by trauma, war and displacement and has done theatre work in areas of the world including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Taiwan and Bosnia/Herzegovina. As a faculty member, she co-created the civic engagement course "The Drama of Social Change" and taught "International Performance Ensemble" where she helped her students find their own artistic and intellectual voices and present their work both in New York City and abroad in Thailand. Ashley is committed to activism because as Alice Walker says, "Activism is the price we pay for living on this planet".
Dr. Jim Stenerson   Dr. Jim Stenerson is the Executive Director of CTLT and teaches in Women and Gender Studies on the PLV campus. Since coming out as a gay person back in the 1970’s, Dr. Jim Stenerson has committed to advancing LGBT rights and social issues. Most recently he worked with Westchester Pride Works to bring 500 youth and allies to our campus for a conference in the spring of 2014 and 2015. He has been volunteering with Pride Works since 2007. He was introduced to Pride Works through his work with Westchester County New York LGBT Advisory Board to the County Exec and served as Chair from 2009-13. He created and taught the first Queer Cultures course taught on the Pleasantville campus in 2008, a Civic Engagement course. He is a Board of Trustee Member of The Charter School of Educational Excellence, Yonkers NY, and is formerly a Board of Directors, for S.A.G.E. Inc., (Service and Advocacy for Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Elders) New York City. Additionally, he also serves as on the LGBT Advisory Board to the Westchester County Executor. “Despite the advances that have been made on behalf of the LGBT community there are still some human equality issues to fight for especially when it comes to our transgendered family. I will continue to educate the Pace community when called upon and will lead seminars and offer courses on the history and current plight of the LGBT population. I will also continue to serve the local government so that we can educate government officials and fight for the rights of the transgender people.”
Christina Rufo   Ms. Raevin Adria Walters is an International Management major on the Pleasantville campus and has a strong interest in leadership and service. As a member of the Setter’s Leadership and Service House she assisted kids with special needs at Pleasantville Elementary School.  Raevin has participated in Make a Difference Day, Relay for Life, and Paint a School Day, every year. She served on the Board of Directors for the Pace 4 Kids Dance marathon and raised money for the Susan G Komen Foundation, Special Olympics, ARC, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.   She has contributed over 300 to Princeton Plainsboro Medical Hospital as a volunteer and continuously participates in community service events throughout her four years at pace. "I care about how students are impacted at the university and strive to influence them to serve the community."

Past Jefferson Awards Winners include:

Year 2014-2015

BRONZE Medals: Brando Brandini (student, PNY), Kylah Bruno (student, PLV), Diane Cypkin (faculty PLV), Dr. Brian Evans (faculty PNY), Remy Gallo (student, PNY), Jason Gonzalez (student, PNY and national conference attendee), Michelle D. Land (faculty, PLV), Diana Mendez (student, PNY), Kim Novak (student, PNY), Robert D. Rahni (staff, University Wide), Alexander Saitta (student, PLV) 

Year 2013-2014

NATIONAL CHAMPION WINNER: Lisa Bardill Moscariloto BRONZE Medals:  Hasin I. Ahmed (student, PNY), Lisa Bardill Moscariloto (Staff, PLV), Daniel Borakove (student, PLV), David Cassuto (faculty, PLV), George L. De Feis (faculty, PNY), Sara Digiovanna (student, PLV), Dr. Harriet R. Feldman (faculty), Jered Harvey (student, PLV), Ann Marie Pavia (student, PNY), Christina Rufo (student, PLV),  Dr. Dorothee Von Heune Greenberg (faculty, PLV).

Year 2012-2013

BRONZE Medals: Tracy Basile (faculty, PLV), Zach Dayton (staff, PLV), Joan Katen (faculty, PLV), Shyam Nooredeen (student, PNY), Mark Stephens (staff, PLV), Alireza Vaziri (student, PNY), Dana Weingartner (student, PLV)

Year 2011-2012

BRONZE Medals: Alyssa Feldman (student-NY), Alisha Hayes (student-PLV), Richard Kline (faculty-NY), Ellen Mandel (faculty-PLV), Surendra Kaushik (faculty-NY), Diana Martinez (staff-NY)

Year 2010-2011

National GOLD Medal: John Cronin (Staff)

BRONZE Medals: Michael Boyle (student), Donald Doernberg (faculty), Naphtalie Librun (student), Yvonne Rafferty (faculty), and Hannah Tall (student).

Year 2009-2010

BRONZE Medals: Vincent Birkenmeyer (student), Matt Ganis (faculty), James Lawler (faculty),
Isabell McHugh (staff ), Tom Nardi (faculty), Breanna Romaine Guiliano (student),
Mary Stambaugh (staff), Miki Tamura (student), Christopher Uhlick (student), and Christopher Walther (staff)

Year 2008-2009

BRONZE Medals: Atalya Kozak (student), Sue Maxam (staff), Kaya Castronova (student), Karla Jay (faculty), Christian Cano (student), Jean Coppola (faculty) Anne DeFalco (staff) and the University's chapter of Beta Alpha Psi (students)