Employment and Funding Opportunities

The Center for Community Action and Research at Dyson College (CCAR) provides several avenues for student employment at Pace. Opportunities for students are available in the CCAR’s Faculty Assistants (FACES) program, Mini-grant program, and through one of several student coordinator positions on each campus.

For more information on these programs and to inquire about availability, email us at ccarny@pace.edu for the New York City Campus or ccarplv@pace.edu for campuses in Westchester County.

Student Employment

The CCAR wouldn’t be nearly as successful if it wasn’t for the hard work of our student staff. Student Project, Outreach, and Media Project Coordinators, led by campus-specific program coordinators, work as a team to plan, recruit for, and execute programming that makes a difference in people’s lives. To inquire about open positions on the New York City campus, contact Ashley Kuenneke at akuenneke@pace.edu, or on the Pleasantville campus, contact Caitlin Kelly at ckelly2@pace.edu.  

Project Pericles Faculty Assistants (FACES) Program

Faculty Assistants for Civic Engagement Series (FACES) program consists of undergraduate and graduate students assigned as assistants to faculty teaching a Civic Engagement and Public Values (CE) course for one semester. As a faculty assistant you will be the liaison between the professor, class, and community organizations. A stipend of $300 per semester is provided to students in the program.

To apply to be a FACES student you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and complete a brief application form. Matches between a faculty member and teaching assistant will be determined according to discipline, interest and need. Participation in the FACES program may also count toward the Project Pericles Leadership Certificate.

Eligibility Criteria: Students must have a QPA of 3.0 or higher, and must be at the sophomore level or higher to apply.

Mandatory Training: The CCAR staff will offer a training course for students admitted to the program. Admitted students are required to complete the training course prior to beginning their class assignments.
Please visit our Resources and Forms page for FACES program-specific forms.
If you have additional questions or need further assistance please contact Daniel Botting on the New York City campus at dbotting@pace.edu or Heather Novak on the Pleasantville campus at hnovak@pace.edu.


Guidelines: Student Organizations and student leaders are invited to apply for a mini-grant to support an event, or project that pertains to a social issue. The CCAR will award mini-grants up to the amount of $350 to qualifying proposals on a first come-first serve, rolling basis. These mini-grants are to help students and student organizations interested in actively connecting with an issue. CCAR and Pace University are committed to educating students for social responsibility and active citizenship, and meant these mini-grants are to financially support those who are interested in leading such initiatives.

Eligibility: To be eligible for grant funding, students’ and student organizations’ events/projects must meet the following requirements:

  • Broadly connect with at least one of these themes: democracy in action, political action for human rights, and global citizenship.
  • Have co-sponsorship of a campus organization, such as a student organization, or academic department.
  • Share best practices, session materials, stories, testimonials, and pictures with CCAR.
  • Complete a report or write an essay on the event/project for submission to CCAR no later than 30 days after the event’s/project’s completion.
  • Post the following message on all fliers and other communication publicizing the event/project: “CCAR’s sponsorship of this event does not necessarily express or imply, Pace University’s approval or endorsement of the speaker’s views.”