The Pace Jumpstart AmeriCorps Program brings Pace college students to work one-on-one with disadvantaged, preschool children to help them combat America’s school readiness crisis and enhance early literacy. With this enrichment support, children are helped to build basic reading skills at an early age, improve their chances for success in school and helped to create a lifelong love of learning. Pace Jumpstart is conducted throughout the academic year at preschool sites concentrated in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Jumpstart is a national non-profit that partners with AmeriCorps and has sites on campuses throughout the United States. Jumpstart began at Pace in 2007 and since then has reached almost 500 children and worked with seven different schools inspiring children to learn, adults to teach, families to get involved, and communities to progress together. Jumpstart offers its college-student Corps training, on-going professional development and service opportunities.