Past Visiting Scholars

  • Allison Hayes-Conroy, Ph.D. (Department of Geography, Clark University).
    Environmental Geography: A Feminist Perspective
    . Fall 2009.
  • Judith Pajo, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology, University of California, Irvine).
    Social Studies of Garbage: Culture of Waste
    . Spring 2009.
  • Yuegin Xia, Ph.D. (School of Foreign Languages, Yangtze University, Hubie, China).
    China’s Environmental Issues
    . Spring 2008.
  • Geoffrey I. Nwaka, Ph.D. (Urban Studies, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria).
    Planning Environmentally Sound Cities in Africa
    . Fall 2006.
  • Frans Verhagen, Ph.D. (Sociology, CUNY; Director, Sustainability, Education, and Research).
    Sustainable Communities in Metro New York Region: Fact, Fiction and a Value-Based Planning Framework
    . Spring 2006.
  • Yoko Ikeda, Ph.D. Candidate (Department of Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center).
    Digging-Up New York City: Urban Gardens and Sustainable Communities
    . Fall 2005.
  • Noel Brown, Ph.D. (Center for Ocean Studies, University of Halifax).
    A Curriculum for Sustainable Development
    . Spring 2005.
  • Hune Margulies, Ph.D. (Religious Studies, Columbia University).
    Secular Discourses of the Sacred in Spinoza and Buber and their Contributions to Ecological Socialism
    . Fall 2004.
  • Dana Taplin, Ph.D. (Department of Environmental Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center).
    Bridging the Divide Between User Value Research and Scholarly Environmental Discourse
    . Spring 2004.
  • Ned Kaufman, Ph.D. (Historic Preservation, Pratt Institute).
    Impact of Land-Use Laws and Customs on the Ability of Communities with Close Ties to Place and Environment to Maintain Cultural Traditions
    . Fall 2003.
  • Johnelle Lamarque, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University).
    Ethnographic Examination of the Public Trust Doctrine and Coastal Resources in a Context of Gentrification
    . Spring 2003.
  • Christian Diehm Ph.D. (Department of Philosophy, Villanova University).
    Ecofeminism and the Ecological Self
    . Fall 2002.
  • Andrew Light, Ph.D. (Department of Humanities, Steinhardt School, New York University).
    Contemporary Environmental Ethics: From Metaethics to Public Philosophy. Spring 2002.
  • Melissa Clarke, Ph.D. (Department of Philosophy, College of Saint Rose).
    Agency and Resistance: The Case of the Hudson River
    . Fall 2001.