2009 Annual Meeting

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Pace University Graduate Center
White Plains, NY

At the annual meeting of the Society of Fellows, students presented scholarly research or artistic projects that were completed under the supervision of a mentor. Students shared their academic achievements with family, friends, and members of the Pace community.

During the Annual Meeting of the Society of Fellows, the following students received awards:

  • Gianna Sandri for Creative Work: “Caution Obstruction in View” A collection of poems
    Faculty mentor: Jane Collins
Gianna Sandri
  • Nichole Lefebvre for Humanities: The Sorcerer’s Stone, Mirror of Erised, and Horcruxes: Choice, Individuality, and Authenticity in Harry Potter
    Faculty mentor: Gene Richie
Nichole Lefebvre
  • Mary Catherine Breed for Women’s Studies: Critiques of Feminine Leadership in Shakespeare’s Richard II
    Faculty mentor: Sid Ray
Mary Catherine Breed
  • Gabriel De Leon for Biology: “A novel way to induce cancer cell suicide”
    Faculty mentor: Nancy Krucher.
  • John Ponessa for Chemistry: “Evaluation of Novel Compounds Targeting Cryptosporidium parvum”
    Faculty mentor: Nigel Yarlett.
Gabe DeLeon John Ponessa