2011 Annual Meeting

Celebrate the Dyson Society of Fellows’ Thirtieth Anniversary 1981-2011
February 27, 2011
Graduate Center, White Plains, New York

The Executive Board of the Dyson Society of Fellows is pleased to announce that the following students received awards for outstanding work at the Annual Meeting:

Absent Fathers as Colonizers in Hamlet and Merchant of Venice
Mary-Catherine Breed
Faculty mentor: Dr. Sid Ray

The Plight of the Hispanic Immigrant
Diana Cavallo
Faculty mentor: Dr. Marie Werner

Love, Lies and Lollypops:
Portrayals of Women in Russian and American Films
Ioulia Moore
Faculty mentor: Dr. Andriy Danylenko

Synthesis of Contraceptive Film Utilizing an Antimicrobial PVA
Faiza Sheikh
Faculty mentor: Dr. Jaimelee Rizzo

Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment in Developing Nations: An Analysis on the Effects of Gender Equity on Economic Output
Lauren Trapanotto
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Joseph Morreale and Prof. Mark Weinstock, Economics

Waiting For Lefty
Sharon Wheatley
Faculty mentor: Dr. Barbara Blumberg