Laboratories and Facilities

Communications Center (PLV)
Students in the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts program have access to the state-of-the-art Communications Center, equipped with professional digital equipment such as Canon XLH-1 high definition video cameras. Students edit video on AVID and Final Cut Studio systems. Audio is recorded and edited digitally. Film classes take advantage of the screening room which features digital video projection and a 92” screen. The facility was completed in 2001 and features digital video and audio recording equipment. The lab is located in Willcox Hall on the Pleasantville campus.

We welcome prospective students to take a tour. Contact Robert Klaeger at  or (914) 773-3792.

Dyson Hall of Science
The Dyson Hall of Science includes Biology and Health Sciences, Chemistry and Physical Science laboratories, an Environmental Science Suite which incorporates teaching and research facilities for both undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental and earth science, a gallery mall, conference room, library, and gathering areas for students and faculty, as well as modern experimentation equipment.

A major renovation of the Dyson Hall of Science, supported in part by a $5 million grant from the Dyson Foundation, was completed in the fall 2010.

Continuing the late Charles H. Dyson’s legacy to Pace University, the grant was announced in February 2007 by Charles Dyson’s son, Robert R. Dyson, Chairman and CEO of Dyson-Kissner-Moran and President of the Dyson Foundation. Dyson Hall, as well as Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, were named in honor of alumnus and former Pace Trustee, Charles H. Dyson. The project is also supported by a New York State Higher Education Capital Grant for $1.8 million.

Dyson Multimedia Language Laboratory (NYC)
Located in W611 on the New York City campus, the lab is used by speech, modern languages, and English as a second language (ESL) classes.

Equipped with the latest in technology and networking, the laboratory contains laser discs, CD ROMs, VHS, and digitized video/audio, which are electronically controlled from the teacher station in conjunction with the student stations. Each station includes two headsets with microphones and tape recorders. Students can record their sessions (with the source coming from the computer, teacher, or their own voice) and then take their tapes home with them.

Emil Froeschels Speech and Hearing Center (NYC)
The center offers diagnosis and treatment of speech and language disorders. These services are provided through a regularly scheduled course for students attending Pace University. Members of the family of a Pace student who avail themselves of this service are charged on a sliding fee scale.

The center is located on the New York City campus, and facilities include a waiting room, administrative office, two-room soundproofed hearing testing suite, sound-treated therapy rooms, a conference room, equipment room, and a laboratory/classroom.

Major equipment includes hearing testing instruments, tape recorders, materials for testing and therapy for a variety of communication disturbances, and materials for research and instruction.

Haskins Laboratories (NYC)
Haskins Laboratories is an outgrowth of a 40-year-old institution founded for interdisciplinary research in biology. The biology group of Haskins Laboratories moved to Pace in 1970 and, since 1977, has been fully incorporated into the University. Students at Pace, with the approval of members of the laboratories and of the chair of the departments of biological sciences or chemistry and physical sciences, may engage in professional-level research, primarily in the ecology, biochemistry, and molecular biology, and pharmacology of protozoan parasites. This research has probable applications in medicine, genomics/proteomics, and biochemistry. Haskins is housed on the New York City campus.

Joseph J. Miranne Jr. Communications Center (NYC)
The communication center is a three-room complex consisting of two studio/classrooms and a central control room. The center, located in New York, is a fully equipped audio-video recording and playback facility. It is used for the recording of performances of students in speech communication classes.

Schaeberle Studio Theater (NYC)
The theater is a flexible-seating rehearsal/performance space used as a laboratory for student performance work. Technically equipped for public performance, it is also used as the principal space for acting, movement, and lighting laboratories.

Thomas J. McShane Center
The McShane Center for Psychological Services, located on the New York City campus, offers a broad range of psychological services to community residents, Pace staff, faculty and their families. Individual psychotherapy, biofeedback, stress management, and the Parent-Infant Program are just a few of the services provided. Fees are set on a sliding scale based on an individual or family financial situation. Students in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences graduate psychology programs complete their required practice at the center. The center is located on the fifth floor of 156 Williams St. and consists of a reception area, six treatment rooms, and one large room for group therapy.

The facilities include:

  • Biofeedback therapy room with GRS, thermistor, and MG equipment
  • Recording equipment
  • A library of test equipment and materials for psychological assessment.