Research Areas

The Haskins Laboratories engages research in the area of parasitology. Current projects involve biochemical and pharmacological studies of several opportunistic parasites causing disease in immunocompromised individuals. The laboratory has a long history of research in the area of polyamine metabolism originating with the seminal studies of Dr. Cyrus J Bacchi’s work with trypanosomes, which resulted in the discovery of DL-diflouromethylornthine (efornithine) as the first new therapy for the treatment of African sleeping sickness in sixty years. Under the direction of several internationally recognized investigators, research projects concerning the biochemistry of parasites causing morbidity and mortality endemic in both developed and underdeveloped countries are performed. Members of the laboratory have projects funded by the National Institute of Health, Drugs for Neglected Diseases, World Health Organization, the National Science Foundation and several pharmaceutical companies.

Current Research Projects: