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Angela Legg

Assistant Professor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Psychology - PLV

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    Marks Hall 25


PhD , University of California, Riverside , Riverside, CA , 2013
Social/Personality Psychology

MS , Georgia Southern University , Statesboro, GA , 2009
Experimental Psychology

BA , Georgia State University , Atlanta, GA , 2006

Awards and Honors

  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology, May 15, 2014 - 2014 Wilbert J. McKeachie Teaching Excellence Award


Morse, P. J., Sweeny, K. & Legg, A. A Situational Construal Approach to Healthcare Experiences. Social Science & Medicine.

Legg, A. & Sweeny, K. Blended news delivery in healthcare: A framework for injecting good news into bad news conversations. Health Psychology Review.

Legg, A. & Sweeny, K. (2014). Do you want the good news or bad news first? The nature and consequences of news order preferences.. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Vol 40 (Issue 3) , pages 279-288.

Sweeny, K., Ghane, A., Legg, A., Huynh, H. & Andrews, S. (2014). Genetic testing decisions: A systematic review and critique of the literature. Journal of Genetic Counseling. Vol 23 (Issue 3) , pages 263-288.

Legg, A., Andrews, S. E., Huynh, H., Ghane, A., Tabuenca, A. & Sweeny, K. Patients' anxiety and hope: Predictors and adherence intentions in an acute care context.. Health Expectations.

Ghane, A., Huynh, H., Andrews, S. E., Legg, A., Tabuenca, A. & Sweeny, K. (2014). The relative importance of patients' decisional control preferences and experiences.. Psychology and Health. Vol 29 , pages 1105-1118.

Huynh, H., Legg, A., Ghane, A., Tabuenca, A. & Sweeny, K. (2014). Who is satisfied with general surgery clinic visits?. Journal of Surgical Research. Vol 192 , pages 339-347.

Andrews, S. E., Ghane, A., Legg, A., Tabuenca, A. & Sweeny, K. Expectations in the context of gallbladder and hernia surgery: A descriptive report.. Health Expectations.


Bad news delivery; Genetic testing; Threat management; Doctor-patient communication; Professor-student rapport; Bad news delivery within the counselor-client relationship ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Broadly, my research focuses on improving dyadic relations marked by potential threat. To this end, I examine relationships marked by power differentials in high stakes situations such healthcare and education. I am specifically interested in how people develop rapport in these potentially threatening dyads (doctor-patient, professor-student, and manager-employee, for example) and how people communicate threatening information such as bad news and negative evaluative feedback. My research also maps social/health psychology theories of communication and bad news delivery onto the counselor-client relationship. I am also interested in how individuals decide to pursue potentially threatening information such as their genetic risk factors.

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Legg, A. (2014, May). Dyson Faculty Summer Research Grant.
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences , Pace University , $1,000.00 . Funded,

Legg, A. & DeLaney, J. (2014, May). Dyson Student-Faculty Summer Research Initiative Grant.
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences , Pace University , $2,500.00 . Funded,


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  • Council for Undergraduate Research 2014
  • Society of Personality and Social Psychology 2009
  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology [Co-chair of the Early Career Psychologist Committee] 2007
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