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Baptiste Barbot

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Psychology - NYC

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I am Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Department of Psychology. My background is in both Developmental and Differential (Individual Differences) Psychology. I earned my Ph.D. from University Paris Descartes in 2008.


PhD , Paris Descartes University , Paris , 2008

MS , Paris Descartes University , Paris , 2005

MA , Université Bordeaux II , Bordeaux, France , 2004

BA , Université Bordeaux II , Bordeaux, France , 2002


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Adolescence; Creativity; Creative cognition; Personality; Self & Identity; Juvenile Delinquency; Psychosocial Adjustment and Development; Intervention and Prevention; Psychological Assessment & Psychometrics; Differential Approach to Development; Person-Centered Approach; Longitudinal Modeling.

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Barbot, B. (2015, July 01). “Measurement and Development of Narrative imagination: the use of standardized situations in virtual and simulated environments” .
Imagination Institute , Private , $198,695.00 . Funded,

Myszkowski, N. & Barbot, B. (2015, July). Measurement & Development of Narrative Imagination (NI).
Imagination Institute (funded by John Templeton Fundation) , Private , $198,695.00 . Funded,


  • European Association for Research on Adolescence [Full Member] 2014
  • International Test Comission [Affiliate Member] 2014
  • American Creativity Association [Lifetime Honorary Member] 2011
  • American Psychological Association 2011
  • American Psychology-Law Society [Early Career Member] 2011
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