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Hasan Arslan

Assistant Professor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Criminal Justice and Security

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I have a law degree from Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. I earned my doctorate in criminal justice from Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, TX). My doctoral thesis has one of the largest Eco-terrorism databases in the world. Prior to my academic life, I worked nine years as the Assistant Director of Collection for the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups (ISVG), where I contributed to the development of a database capable of tracking more than 2000 global and domestic extremist groups. The ISVG database was one of five finalists chosen for the 2007 Mitretek Innovations Award in Homeland Security, an award given by the Ash Institute at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Currently I am teaching both graduate and undergraduate level courses for Criminal Justice & Security Department.


PhD , Sam Houston State University , Huntsville, TX , 2008
Criminal Justice

JD , Marmara University , Istanbul, Turkey , 2000


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Eco-terrorism Officer-involved Shootings Anti-Abortion Violence Cyber Crime & Online Predators Comparative International Legal Issues (4th Amendment)

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Arslan, H. T. & Gellos, N. (2014, October 1). A Study of Incidents of Police Shootings and Officer Behavior.
Pace University Provost Office , Pace University , $3,150.00 . Funded,This project is an ongoing collaborative work of the Criminal Justice and Information Technology Departments that already developed a prototype of a comprehensive database to define and consolidate information of police shooting incidences throughout the United States. The database is called SHOT, Statistics Help Officer Tactics. The primary objective of the project is to collect the shooting data from open sources like newspapers, and websites of law enforcement agencies and to store it within the SHOT db. In other words, a repository of national data, which will enable law enforcement officials the ability to analyze this information and be better prepared to make the right judgment call during a hostile situation, will be created. Secondary objective is to provide reliable data to researchers, because many police departments do not keep separate records for officer-involved shootings. The S.H.O.T database has a very important role in aggregating information about police shootings and criminal incidences in the United States. It has the potential of being a valuable resource to law enforcement to better understand the dynamics of an encounter and to have a historical reference of criminal activity. This information will undoubtedly help police officers to serve their community better.

Arslan, H. T. & McClain, C. (2014, June 15). Officer-involved Shootings in California.
Student Academic Engagement , Pace University , $1,250.00 . Funded,

Arslan, H. T. & Stewart, G. (2013, June 15). Student-Faculty Research.
Student Academic Engagement , Pace University , $1,250.00 . Funded,Since the landmark abortion ruling, Roe v Wade (January 22, 1973), which established a woman's right to have an abortion during the first three months of pregnancy, the American public is heavily dispersed. In this descriptive research, the objective is to present the basics of pro-choice modus operandi, basically the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) used by those anti-abortion extremists. The following contributory questions concerning the attacks against the abortion clinics gave rise to this research: • Where do most of the attacks occur in the United States and Canada? • During which months, on which days and at which times do these attack take place? • Are the attacks against abortion clinics committed by any extremist groups or lone wolves (individuals with no connections to organizations or groups)? What is the estimated damage? What type of extremist tactic does cause the most damages to the abortion clinics or medical facilities?

Arslan, H. T. (2013, June 1). Thinkfinity Grant.
Pace University and Verizon Foundation , Pace University , $7,000.00 . Funded,This project developed a nationwide police shooting data base via interdisciplinary effort between Dyson College and the Seidenberg School. The dataset aims to help the training of police by revealing several pre-shooting variables.


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