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Joseph Krumpfer

Assistant Professor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry and Physical Sciences - PLV

  • @Pleasantville
    Costello House 102
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PhD , University of Massachusetts - Amherst , Amherst, MA , 2012
Polymer Science and Engineering

BS , Seton Hall University , South Orange, NJ , 2007

Awards and Honors

  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, March 2013 - Alexander von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellow


Longenberger, T. B., Ryan, K. M., Bender, W. Y., Krumpfer, A. & Krumpfer, J. W. (2017, June 27). The Art of Silicones: Bringing Siloxane Chemistry to the Undergraduate Curriculum. Journal of Chemical Education. Vol 94 , pages 1682-1690.

Krumpfer, J. W., Giebel, E., Frank, E., Müller, A., Ackermann, L., Nardi Tironi, C., Mourgas, G., Klapper, M., Buchmeiser, M. R. & Müllen, K. (2016, December 17). Poly(Methyl Vinyl Ketone) as a Potential Carbon Fiber Precursor. Chemistry of Materials. Vol 29 , pages 780-788.


Ryan, K. M. & Krumpfer, J. W. (2017, March 8). PittCon 2017. Hydrophobization of Inorganic Oxide Surfaces via Siloxane Equilibration. PittCon, Chicago, IL

Krumpfer, J. W., Longenberger, T. B., Ryan, K. M., Bender, W. Y., Krumpfer, A. & , . (2016, June 11). Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM). Silicone Chemistry in Undergraduate Laboratory and Research Courses. American Chemical Society (ACS)


The chemistry of surfaces directly impacts many important properties, such as water repellency, adhesion, and lubrication. By manipulating the chemistry of a surface or coating, different properties can be achieved. In our research, we examine the properties and different preparation methods of surfaces for specific applications. These include polymer coatings which resist bacterial and fungal growth (anti-fouling) or vapor-phase reactions for conformal coatings on textured surfaces. An additional topic includes the preparation of high-temperature stable silicone polymers. These polymers are capable of withstanding extreme conditions from temperatures below - 100 °C to over 500 °C. We are particularly interested in the role of molecular composition of cross-linked materials on their physical and chemical properties.


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