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Leora Trub

Assistant Professor

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Psychology - NYC

  • @New York City


PhD , CUNY , New York, NY , 2011
Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

BA , Rutgers University , New Brunswick, NJ , 2003
Psychology & Jewish Studies

Awards and Honors

  • National Register of Health Service Psychologists, 2013 - Early Career Psychologist Credentialing Scholarship from the National Register
  • APA Division 39, 2013 - Early Career Psychologist Travel Award, Couple and Family Therapy and Psychoanalysis
  • CUNY Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program, 2007 - David Ertel Award for Work with Children


Lup, K., Trub, L. & Rosenthal, R. (under review) Instagram = #Instasad?: Exploring the Association of Instagram Use with Depressive Symptoms, Mediation by Negative Social Comparison, and Moderation by Strangers Followed. Cyberpsychology, Social Networking, and Behavior.

Ruglass, L., Papini, S., Trub, L. & Hien, D. (under review) Psychometric properties of the modified PTSD symptom scale among women with PTSD and Substance Use Disorders receiving outpatient group treatments. Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment.

Magaldi-Dopman, D. & Trub, L. (under revision) Do you want to know?: Psychologists' Spiritual/ Religious Self Disclosure in Therapy. Psychotherapy Research.

Trub, L. & Revenson, T. (2014). Getting Close from Far Away: Mediators of the Relation between Adult Attachment and Blogging Behavior. Computers in Human Behavior. , pages 245-252.

Johnson, D., Cabral, A., Mueller, B., Trub, L., Kruk, J., Upshur, E., Diaz Alarcon, L., Marrero, L., Auf der Heyde, T., Thoma, N., Rodriguez, E., Cione, G. & Fraenkel, P. (2010). Training in intersectionality sensitivity: A community-based collaborative approach. American Family Therapy Academy Monographs. Vol 4 (Issue 15) , pages 5.

Trub, L. R. & Elias, M. (2007). The Counselor Within: The Role of the Conservative Rabbi as a Pastoral Counselor. Journal of Jewish Education. Vol 73 (Issue 3) , pages 163-190.


Trub, L. R., Richards, J., Curtis, A., O'Hadi, J., Lomidze, A., Slavkin, S., Rafailov, R. & Barbot, B. (2015, March). 2015 Eastern Psychological Association Conference. Why We Text So Much: Psychometric Properties of the Mindful Messaging Questionnaire. Philadelphia

Trub, L. R. (2014, November). Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Workshop. Presented at the Pace University Counseling Center for Pre-doctoral trainees

Trub, L. R. (2014, June). The Social World and the Meaning of the Message: A 75th Anniversay Celebration of the Psychology Department at the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. Talk presented at the 75th Anniversary of the Psychology Department of City College, CUNY

Trub, L. R. & Magaldi-Dopman, D. (2014, April). How accepting are we? Psychotherapists and their Religious Clients. Workshop presented at Society for the 2014 Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration conference, Montreal

Trub, L. R. & Richards, J. (2014, March). Emotional Texting Questionnaire: the Development of a Scale of the Emotional Components Underlying Texting Behavior. Presented at the 2014 Eastern Psychological Association Conference, Boston

Trub, L. R. (2013, November). Adolescence: When Brain and Body Collide. Talk presented at Mount Sinai Adolescent Mental Health Center in New York, NY

Trub, L. R. (2013, October). Sexual Abuse, Trauma and Suicidality: Understanding the Complexities and Strengthening your Skills. Talk presented at the Disctrict Attorney's Office in Brooklyn, NY

Trub, L. R. & Revenson, T. (2013, August). Caught in the Web: Use of Blogging to Gain Closeness and Distance. Paper presented at 2013 APA Convention, Hawaii

Magaldi-Dopman, D. & Trub, L. (2013, August). Do you want to know?: Psychologists' Spiritual/Religious Self Disclosure in Therapy. Symposium presented at 2013 APA Convention, Hawaii

Trub, L. R. (2012, September). How Technology is Changing Our Children, Our Relationships and Ourselves. Day-long workshop presented at the 2012 Clinical Workshop Series of the Jewish Family Service of Rhode Island


  • Radio Talk Show Guest [Radio], October 2011
    Tell Us More. Kosmos FM 91.5 Discussant of the Implications of the Internet upon Human Relationships


  • American Psychological Association 2012
  • APA Division 39 Psychoanalysis Section VIII: Couple and Family Therapy and Psychoanalysis 2012
  • New York State Psychological Association 2012
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