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Dr. Myszkowski is an Assistant Professor of Psychology, with a focus on Quantitative Psychology and Industrial & Organizational Psychology. He earned his MA and PhD from Paris Descartes University, France, with a specialization in Individual Differences Psychology, and served as a permanent lecturer at ESCE International Business School and as a consultant in psychometrics and statistics.


PhD , Paris Descartes University - Institute of Psychology , Paris, France , 2013

MA , Paris Descartes University - Institute of Psychology , Paris, France , 2010


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Creativity-related traits and abilities (aesthetic sensitivity, divergent thinking, intelligence) ; Emotional/social competencies (empathy, social regulation, leadership, coping, stress, etc.) ; Quantitative methods (research design, statistics, psychometrics, etc.) ; Occupational contexts (Occupational health, managerial creativity, consumer behavior)

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Myszkowski, N. & Barbot, B. (2015, July). Measurement & Development of Narrative Imagination (NI).
Imagination Institute (funded by John Templeton Fundation) , Private , $198,695.00 . Funded,


  • International Society for the Study of Individual Differences [Member] , January 2017
  • American Psychological Association 2014
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