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Sheila Chiffriller


Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Psychology - PLV

  • @Pleasantville
    Marks Hall Room 30


BS , Fordham University

MS , Fordham University
Counseling & Personnel Services

PhD , Fordham University
Counseling Psychology


Kangos, K. A., Kangos, K. A. & Milone, L. A. What elementary students experience outside of the classroom: Children's responses to social exclusion. Journal of School Counseling.

Chiffriller, S. H. & Kangos, K. A. (2014). Reactions When Ignored and Rejected: A Deeper Look. North American Journal of Psychology. North American Journal of Psychology.

Chiffriller, S. H., Falcone, G. N., Mayers, L. & Hornung, J. (2013). Factors and correlates in the prevalence of adolescent delinquency: Do sports involvement and non sport activity involvement matter?. Global Journals.

Robak, R., Chiffriller, S. H., Kangos, K. & Griffin, P. W. (2013). The working alliance in group counseling: An exploratory study. Psychological Reports, 113 (2), 591-604..

Robak, R., Kangos, K. A., Chiffriller, S. H. & Griffin, P. W. (2013, October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 1). The working alliance in group counseling: an exploratory study.. Psychological Reports. Vol 113 (Issue 2) , pages 591-604.


Interpersonal dating violence

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