David Rogovic '04


David Rogovic ě°˝€˜04

David Rogovic ‘04

David Rogovic ‘04
Fulbright Research Scholarship "Asset-based Financing and SME Growth: An Empirical Analysis"
in Croatia

“When you are awarded a Fulbright, it is really up to you to accomplish something. I will have to decide how to accomplish my research goals and analysis. There won’t be anyone telling me what to do and when I should finish. This will be true independent research,” says David Rogovic.

Rogovic, who earned a BA in Economics, will study the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Croatia to use factoring to raise short-term cash and increase profitability. “Factoring is basically a process whereby a company will sell its accounts receivables, at a discount, for cash immediately,” he explains.

Rogovic will work with the Economics Institute in Zagreb, where he will analyze the factoring process. “With the help of a fellow at the Institute, I will analyze proprietary information on a number of Croatian financing companies and determine how they can streamline the factoring process. I will also study the ability of new, smaller firms to use factoring to raise cash,” he adds.

After he did not receive a Fulbright scholarship in 2004, Rogovic lived in Zagreb for six months where he taught English to first-year economics students. “While in Zagreb, I reapplied. I was a finalist, and ultimately an alternate candidate. Both my parents are immigrants from Croatia and I have always felt a need to give back and help Croatia in some way. I feel it's only right that I attempt to alleviate some development problems there and contribute to their speedy European Union accession,” Rogovic says.

Rogovic wishes to acknowledge Dyson College faculty and a university official who helped him with his Fulbright application. They are:

  • Greg Julian, PhD, who first introduced Rogovic to the idea of Fulbright (in 2003). While he was in Croatia, Professor Julian ensured that his application was submitted (in 2005).
  • Alex Azarchs, PhD, and Gus Karam, PhD, who wrote recommendations for him, and inspired him to continue studying economic development.
  • Maude Meisel, PhD, who helped Rogovic study for the GRE, taught him Croatian in 2004, and revised his essays “to no end.”
  • Beverly Kahn, Vice President, International Opportunities, who “really pushed me to apply. I only had 2-3 weeks to write my application and find contacts in Zagreb. Her support made the daunting task of completing everything in such a short time period a lot easier to handle,” Rogovic says.

A Senior Research Assistant at Standard and Poor's since 2005, he works in the Financial Institutions Ratings Group, which assigns ratings to banks, brokers, finance companies, and asset managers. As a Pace student, he was a member of Model United Nations, economics tutor, dean’s list honoree every semester, and recipient of both the Scholastic Achievement award and the Dow Jones award for top economics student. Rogovic also graduated with Summa Cum Laude distinction.

Upon returning to the United States, Rogovic will attend Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs to pursue a Master of Public Administration, with a concentration in international finance policy. He hopes to work with an international development organization. “I want to work with entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe, and study how capital markets and private sector competition engender development,” he states.