Dhwani Patel '07

Dhwani Patel ‘07 Dhwani Patel ‘07

Dhwani Patel ‘07
Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Hong Kong

“I want to become fluent in Cantonese, connect a bridge between myself and my students, and build friendships,” says Dhwani Patel.

Patel’s Fulbright teaching assistantship will take her to Hong Kong where she will teach English as a Foreign Language to secondary school children.

Patel is a mathematics major with a desire to teach. “Since entering college, I went through a transformation where I found my passion for teaching in the process; now I dream of becoming an educator. Teaching English in high school in Hong Kong will not only help my training, but it will also allow me to experience a culture that deeply interests me,” says Patel. She has worked as a mathematics and English tutor throughout her college years.

Born in India, Patel emmigrated to the United States in 1989 and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2005. She is a Pforzheimer Honors College member, and has been a Peer Leader, past-president of the Student Book Exchange Club, active member of Youth Activists and Youth Allies Network, and volunteer with Upwardly Global.

Dyson College faculty assistance
“Professor Bill Offut was definitely the most instrumental person in helping me with my Fulbright application. He was there every step of the way - from brainstorming countries to apply to, to answering all of the 300 emails I sent him during the process, to editing and making suggestions on my statements, to calming me down before my on-campus interview. But above all, what got me through it all was that he had so much faith in me,” Patel adds.

Patel is eagerly looking forward to the experience. “All I know is that this is going to be a life changing experience. I will be traveling to a foreign land where I will be learning a new language and integrating into a new culture. Not only that, but I will be starting a new phase in my life, which is working in the "real world". Even though I will still be in the classroom, I will be in the teacher's chair instead of the student’s.

“At the end of it all, I hope to develop and grow as a person, teacher, and a photographer. I want to become fluent in Cantonese, connect a bridge between myself and my students, build friendships, have new travel stories, add more recipes to my cookbook, and further my photography portfolio,” she says.

Patel plans to attend graduate school upon her return, earn a master’s degree in education and teach high school mathematics.