Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to live on-campus?

A: No, your House is based on your interests. However, students who do live on particular floors in Maria’s Tower and John Street will automatically be placed in the connected House (see number 4).

Q: Is there an actual house?

A: No, although we hope there will be a gathering place on campus for members of the House to hang-out. And some House members live on a themed floor.

Q: What do I get for joining a House?

A: You will get a series of events that are exclusively for your House, and you’ll get them free or nearly free; you will also get information about events that fit your House’s theme that are open to the Dyson community. You will have direct access to a faculty “don” and peer-leaders ( more senior Pace students). Finally, you’ll get to experience college more fully with a group of people who share your interests.

Q: How do the Dyson Houses relate to the Theme Floors in Maria’s Tower?

A: All Dyson students on theme floor will be in the connected House, but Houses are bigger than the floor, containing about 80 more freshmen than those living on that floor. House events will involve all students in the House, wherever they live.

Q: Which Houses go with which floors?

A: All Dyson students living on these floors will automatically become members of the connected House: ACE (Animation, Comics, Entertainment) connects with Civic Engagement Floor; Body and Mind House connects with Express; Gotham connects with Music Appreciation Floor; One World connects Mosaic Floor; and OUThouse connects with Between Takes 1st Generation Floor.

Q: Do I have to choose any particular courses?

A: There is no requirement that you take any particular courses to be in the House, however House dons will suggest to you, both for your first semester and beyond, courses which fit the House themes.

Q: When will I first meet my Housemates?

A: The house lounge on Wednesday, September 5, the first day of classes.

Q: Are there other ways to meet my Housemates?

A: There is a Facebook page for each House. As soon as we know who is going to be in each House, we will set up email listservs to connect faculty dons, peer leaders, and all Housemates by e-mail.

Q: What if I have questions about the whole thing; who should I ask?

A: The overarching evil genius behind the Houses is a guy named Bill Offutt, Associate Professor of History. You should address him as Bill and e-mail him your questions at or message him on Facebook. Once you get started in a House, you’ll be able to ask your faculty don and peer leader questions too, but for the summer, Bill’s the guy.


A: Send us an e-mail (to, use the response form on-line, or return the form at orientation. It’s first-come, first-served, so if you’re interested, please don’t delay!