Accent Reduction

Get the most out of your training time with customized, focused instruction. Select from components of our courses and workshops or let us develop a program for you.  Once we have an accurate profile of your current skills and needs, we will match you with a trainer who is an expert in that content area.

Private Instruction: Receive specialized, focused, individual instruction to match your exact needs and schedule. Topics, skills, and activities vary depending on your needs and interests.

$95/hr     15-hour minimum

Semi-Private Instruction: Work with a friend or colleague to create a customized course for two.  We will accommodate your needs and schedules.

$150/hr     15-hour minimum

Accent Reduction: Train with an Accent Reduction Specialist to reduce your accent, learn to self-correct errors, and project a more professional image.

$120/hr 20-hour minimum

Our clients include vice-presidents, managers, supervisors, and team leaders of such companies as American Express, Merrill Lynch JPMorgan Chase, the National Association of Insurance Commisisoners, Verizon telecommunications, and TIAA-CREF.

Here is what they have to say:

I received compliments regarding my improved accent from a business colleague who was unaware of my accent reduction efforts. This speaks more strongly than my words of praise.

-Bella Loykhterg Executive VP, Prudential Securities

Many, many thanks! You gave me the key tools to help solve my problems. The teacher is a real expert in accent reduction. She can pick even minor variances in pronunciation and find ways to improve.

-Xiawen Qiu, Attorney, Davis, Polk, & Wardwell