Client Testimonials

My pronunciation improves every class meeting.


-Xiao Ming “Kenny” Ma, Software Engineer


The instructor was very dynamic and made the class interactive and fun.  She provided a lot of extra materials and customized the course according to the students’ needs.  The presentation skills I learned in class will definitely help me at work.


-Carmen Medina, Program Manager


"This course was highly related to the practice of law and business life. Very good teacher, I liked the class."


-Christian Geosits, Lawyer


The instructor was always well prepared… and she always made the best use of time in the class. I now know how to write technical articles and give speeches or presentations.  Also, I started to pay attention to my pronunciation and intonation in daily conversations with other people.


-Luping Hao, Deputy Manager


I notice that I am more confident than before I took this course.  I’ve become more articulate.


-Jane Kim, Bookkeeper


My instructor was very professional.  I have not received complaints from my supervisor since taking the class.


-Jianmin Li, Web and Database Programmer


It has helped me to better structure my ideas in oral and written English.  I learned many facts about American culture and body language.


-Jeffery Sadowsky, Engineer