Effective Presentation Skills

Semester Dates Day Time Sessions Cost Location Room  
Fall 1 August 31 - October 19, 2015 Mon 6:00 - 9:00 pm 7 $500.00 1 Pace Plaza   Register Now
Fall 1 August 31 - October 19, 2015 Mon 6:00 - 9:00 pm 7 $500.00 78 North Broadway, Aloysia Hall, 3RD FL.,  White Plains, NY   Register Now
Fall 1 August 31 - October 19, 2015 Mon 6:00 - 9:00 pm 7 $500.00 551 Fifth Ave, 8TH FL, NYC   Register Now

Course Format

Seven meetings (Mondays); Instructor-led. Class runs from 6pm-9pm.

You Will Learn To

  • Strengthen your fluency skills and improve your ability to speak clearly and succinctly
  • Plan, organize and structure powerful presentations that inform, persuade, and influence
  • Grab your audience’s attention from the very start and keep them engaged
  • Analyze and read your audience and appeal to their particular expectations
  • Overcome anxiety and distracting mannerisms through guided exercises and special speaker techniques
  • Project your voice and learn how to use vocal variety, tempo and rhythm to hold your listener’s attention
  • Increase your ability to use eye contact, gestures and non-verbal behavior for maximum impact
  • Enhance your presentations with PowerPoint, and other visual aids

Course Description

Through class discussions and in-class presentations, trainees will enhance their fluency skills and learn how to make effective presentations that inform, persuade and influence a variety of audiences, including peers, senior management, customers and clients. Trainees will gain confidence and build communication strategies for delivering presentations that make an impact.

Topics will include current business issues, as well as, business etiquette, networking and leadership and management styles. Pronunciation, intonation and accent reduction are addressed.

Trainees will deliver short presentations during class for self, peer and instructor evaluation. Presentations will be videotaped in class for individual review and analysis.