Custom Programs

For more than a quarter of a century, Pace University has been offering custom programs to organizations throughout Manhattan and the tri-state area. The English for Professionals (EFP) program is a vital part of this training operative.

EFP designs Corporate Training Programs to meet the learning needs of individual companies. These programs are designed to help employees master the skills needed to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and co-workers. At program completion, you can expect to see greater employee confidence and initiative, improved job performance, and greater customer and employee satisfaction.

A team of experienced trainers work collectively to custom design your program. The process unfolds as follows:

Needs Assessment: Partnering with your company's managers and training specialists, we conduct an in-depth needs analysis to construct a program best suited to your objectives. In addition, we meet with all trainees to assess both their language level and their individual concerns.

Curriculum Development: We design a curriculum and develop materials tailored to your needs and objectives.

Program Delivery: We conduct the training at your site or at any one of four conveniently located Pace campuses. Instruction is interactive. We use real-life examples and authentic documents; trainees apply their skills to job-related tasks from day one.

Post-Training Assessment: We provide a final evaluation and training summary report describing each person's progress and recommendations for further study. The report also includes a summary of trainees' self and program evaluations.

 Sample Programs


-Business Communication

-Cross-Cultural Communication

-Accent Reduction

-English for Hospitality and Tourism

-Business and Technical Writing

-English for Finance and Banking

-Professional Presentations

-English for Health Care Professionals