Additional Program Fees


In addition to tuition for ELI courses, students attending New York City ELI programs are subject to pay the below listed fees:

General Institution Fee (GIF)

Range $103.00 - $395.00

The General Institution Fee (GIF) is a mandatory fee assessed by Pace University each time a student registers for classes.  The fee provides access to the gymnasium (C-Level and Goldstein), computer resource centers, all Pace University lirbaries and databases services.  The GIF fee also contributes to the maintenance of Pace facilities.

The GIF fee is calculated by the number of hours that students study per 3/6/7 week term. 

Number of Hours Enrolled 14 weeks
7 weeks
12 weeks
6 weeks
4-8hrs/wk (1-2 Classes) $205 $103 $205 $103
9-17 hrs/wk (2-3 Classes) $275 $138 $275 $138
18 hrs/wk (4 Classes / Full Time) $395


$395 $198


F-1 Visa International Student Health Insurance

Price per ELI session available here

All F-1 International students at Pace University must purchase health insurance at the time of registration. If you would like to use your own health insurance policy, you must submit a copy of your policy in English and US Dollars before classes begin at the ELI Placement Exam. The insurance company will evaluate your health insurance. If it is equivalent to the policy carried by Pace, you will receive a refund of the insurance fee. However, if it is not equivalent to Pace’s then you will not receive a refund. Please note that your insurance policy must carry medical evacuation and repatriation clause.  More information for the health insurance waiver is available here.


University Healthcare Unit Fee

$70.00 per 12/14 week semester

The University Health Care Unit fee provides students the benefit of visiting the on-campus Healthcare Unit at 41 Park Row without having to pay a co-pay during most visits, not having to meet the deductible in their Pace health insuarnce policy for service provided, and will overal reduce the cost of their medical visits.  Health Center services not covered by this fee include wellness visits, preventitive services, diagnostic tests, procedures, and laboratory services.

The Health Care Unit Fee is required for all F-1 students that purchase the Pace University health insurance.  This fee cannot be pro-rated for students that attend 6/7 week programs. The fee is only paid once per 12/14 week semester.


Technology Fee

$55.00 one time payment

The Technology Fee is assessed to provide students with the latest instructional technology resources available.  All revenue generated from the technology fee goes directly towards funding instructional technology initiatives that are focused on enhancing the student learning experience.  The fee allows the University to update computer resource centers, provide in-class technology/equipment, and various methods of distance learning.  The University is available to purchase software for computer resource centers also with the funding from the technology fee.

The Technology Fee is required for all students.


Late Registration Fee (Penalty)

$110.00 per 3/6/7 week term

The late registration fee is assessed to all continuing students that do not register and pay for their ELI classes prior to three business days before a term begins.  For example, if classes begin on a Monday, continuing students must register and pay the Thursday before at the latest to not be charged the Late Registration fee.

New students attending scheduled Placement Exam sesssions must register and pay by the last bsuiness day before ELI Orientation to avoid being assessed a Late Registration fee.  This provides new arriving students time to take their Placement Exam and arrange for their finances in the USA.