Application and Admissions Policies - English Language Institute, Westchester Campus

Requests to Defer I-20s

Students that are not able to receive their F-1 visa by the start date of their chosen Program are able to defer their I-20 for the next program start date. Requests to defer I-20s must be made in writing to . Verbal requests over the phone will not be accepted. Also, students must write the exact Program start date they are requesting to defer to (i.e. Fall I 2012, Spring II 2013 Intensive). Please refer to the Program Dates on the ELI website.

To fulfill a deferred I-20 request a student’s bank letter must still be within the 3 months it was issued by the bank. If it is older than 3 months, a new original bank letter must be sent to the ELI Office to process the new I-20.

If a student paid for Express mail fee and is requesting a new deferred I-20 an additional $65.00 express mail fee is required. Please complete a credit card authorization form and submit it with your deferred I-20 request. 

Express Mail Fees

The $65.00 TNT Express mail fee is payment for one (1) express mailing and is not refundable. In the event that the I-20 is undelivered because of an incorrect address written by the ELI Office an additional I-20 will be sent via TNT Express mail at no cost. If the Express mail is not delivered because of an incorrect address written in the application by the student/agent or the proper mailing address was not indicated by the applicant an additional Express mail fee is required to mail the I-20.