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English Language Institute

English For The Legal Profession

Semester Fall 2 Spring 1 Spring 2

Oct.26 -Dec.15, 2015

Feb. 1 -Mar. 21, 2016

Mar. 28 -May 12, 2016

Day Thurs Thurs Thurs
Time 6:00 - 9:00 pm 6:00 - 9:00 pm 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Sessions 7 7 7
Cost $500.00 $500.00 $500.00
Location 1 Pace Plaza

1 Martine Ave,

White Plains

551 Fifth Ave,


Room N/A N/A N/A
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Course Format

Seven meetings (Thursdays); Instructor-led. Class runs from 6pm-9pm.

You Will Learn To

  • Expand language and cultural knowledge to improve effectiveness in communicating with clients, judges, opposing attorneys, and co-workers
  • Gain confidence in using a variety of techniques in presenting legal briefs, opinions and memoranda
  • Learn techniques for composing client letters, e-mails, predictive legal memoranda and persuasive briefs
  • Review the nature of the U.S. common law system and contrast it with the civil law systems of most foreign countries
  • Gain exposure to essential legal vocabulary, collocations and idioms
  • Understand the “plain legal English” movement and its effect on legal writing in courts and law firms
  • Understand American legal culture and customs of private firms and government agencies

Course Description

Train under a veteran attorney and ESL professional as you develop your legal writing, reading and presentations skills.

Legal Writing:
This course provides practice in writing legal English, including outlining, summarizing, paraphrasing, synthesizing, and developing a legal style of writing. Writing exercises will include drafting client letters, legal memoranda, legal briefs, and other legal writing. Grammar and specific legal vocabulary, including collocations and idioms, will be taught in the context of the material covered.

Legal Reading:
This course will also focus on teaching trainees to enhance their reading strategies for processing legal texts. Emphasis will be placed on cases dealing with U.S. common law with a focus on classic legal cases. Exercises will engage the students to orally brief, discuss, analyze and critique assigned readings. Legal vocabulary and concepts will be reviewed and taught in the context of the readings.

Legal Listening and Speaking:
This course provides practice with a variety of speaking activities common in practicing American law, including asking and answering questions, debates, discussions and presentations. Trainees practice giving individual presentations, developing an effective method of organization and delivering talks in a clear speaking style. Pronunciation, rhythm, stress and intonation, as well as grammar and legal vocabulary are taught in the context of speaking activities.

Topics for reading and discussion may include examining U.S. common law reasoning and analysis and the traditions upon which they are based.

Class Activities

  • Orally present a brief or legal memorandum and argue your position
  • Prepare for participation in simulations of briefs, legal opinions, negotiations, business meetings and presentations
  • Lead and participate in simulated business meetings and negotiations
  • Deliver short presentations during class for self, peer and instructor evaluation. Presentations will be videotaped for in-class and individual review at home
  • Complete written assignments such as legal briefs, memoranda, legal petitions and client letters


Please contact Kelly Roska at (212) 346-1780 or