Student Life

Welcome to New York City!  The ELI plans 5-7 activities per 7 week term that are directed at helping students learn about American culture, enjoy New York City, and improve their English skills.  The ELI also coordinates volunteer opportunities for students to lend a helping hand in the community they call "a home away from home".  The activities that will be offered during a session are all presented at the Welcome Luncheon. 

Activities that ELI students can participate in include:

  • Broadway Show trips
  • Conversation Partner Program
  • Private, guided museum tours
  • Sporting events (NY Knicks, NY Yankees, NY Red Bulls, etc)
  • Xbox & Wii game nights
  • Film Screenings
  • Ice Skating
  • Food "Crawls"
  • Volunteer Service

Connect with us online to learn more about upcoming activities.

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