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English Language Institute

Placement Testing for ELI Classes

All students must take a Placement Exam before they are allowed to register for classes. For New York City campus students, beginning in Fall I 2017 there is a $30 Placement Exam & Advisement fee per student. There is no fee for the Westchester Campus Placement Exam.  The test will take about two and one-half hours. It will include a speaking test, a listening test, a grammar test, a reading test and writing test. After the placement test, an advisor will help you decide which courses to take. You can register the same day.

If you are an F-1or J-1student, please bring your Form I-20 or DS-2019 form, passport, and I-94 card to the placement test.

English Placement Exam

Placement Exam Day - What Happens?

Students should plan to spend the full day at Pace University when they attend their placement exam. Please arrive at 9:00am to the ELI Office. On Placement Testing day students will:

  • Take their Placement Exam
  • Meet with an advisor to review the results of their exam and create a class schedule
  • Pay for classes

ELI Orientation Day - What Happens?

All new students will participate in a day filled with informative workshops for new ELI students at Pace University before classes begin. ELI Orientation will be after Placement Testing so all new students will have arrived by Orientation date. A sample of the ELI Orientation schedule is:

  • Official Pace University ID photo
  • Activate Pace e-mail accounts, learn how to access Blackboard, learn how to navigate Pace Portal, and receive access to Pace Wi-Fi network
  • Take a campus tour
  • F-1 Immigration Meeting for all new F-1 Visa students
  • Navigating NYC Workshop
  • Campus Safety Workshop
  • and more!

There is no cost to attend ELI Orientation. All new ELI students are required to attend ELI Orientation.

Students that are unable to make payment the day of their placement exam have until the last business day before classes begin. Any payment after this deadline will result in a late fee. Until payment is made students cannot take an official University ID photo or access any of the Pace networks. Students may still attend a campus tour without making payment on placement exam day.