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English Language Institute

Intensive English Program

Whether you study English to improve your academic success, achieve your career goals, or simply improve your life, ELI's course of study can help. Learn the essentials of grammar and writing; improve listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills; and enhance your vocabulary through reading. With the help of an advisor, students create their own program of study by choosing from the courses listed below and from other courses that may be available. F-1 students must enroll in a minimum of 18 hours per week (4 Intensive English classes).

There are four levels. It may take 7 or 14 weeks to complete each level (6 or 12 weeks in the summer terms).

  • 050 - Advanced Beginner
  • 060 - Low Intermediate
  • 070 - High Intermediate
  • 080 - Advanced

The Curriculum

Grammar and Writing

Students learn grammar in the context of their own writing and through controlled exercises from the textbook. Students learn how to correct their mistakes and improve their writing by editing and revising their papers.

Conversation and Listening

Students improve conversational fluency and listening comprehension. This class focuses on communicating ideas in English. Audio, video, and reading materials are used for conversation topics and for developing listening skills.

Reading and Vocabulary

Students learn different reading strategies and skills to increase vocabulary and reading comprehension. Students read a variety of newspaper and magazine articles, novels and stories, and academic texts to learn how to apply these strategies and skills.

Pronunciation - Consonants and Vowels

Students learn the basic techniques needed to produce correct sounds. Students are taught how to form consonant and vowel sounds. Individual and common pronunciation problems are addressed. The teacher will show each student how to make accurate sounds and will correct common pronunciation problems. Other students in the class will give feedback as well.

Pronunciation - Intonation, Stress, and Rhythm

Students practice the 'music' of English. Students analyze how intonation, or the pitch of their voice, carries meaning. Students also learn the importance of word and sentence stress to being understood. Studying the rhythm of English helps students speak more clearly and fluently.


Students increase their English fluency through the mastery of idioms. Students practice idioms by using news reports, radio programs, songs, role play exercises, presentations, magazines, and advertisements.

Walking Tours of NY

Students learn to research, organize, and lead tours to various sites around New York City. The students practice speaking, listening, and presentation skills while getting to know the most fascinating aspects of New York.

American Culture Through Film

Students explore American culture by looking at excerpts from movies and television episodes. Class discussions enable students to practice their speaking skills using the vocabulary introduced in the films.

Exploring English Through the World of Art

Students develop their analytical skills in the English language while studying paintings at famous museums, galleries and exhibitions in New York City. The class focuses on expressing ideas that the works of art inspire. Students use creative writing tasks to develop their imagination in the English language.

TOEFL and GMAT Preparation

Students learn the formats of the new iBT(Internet-based test) exams. Students practice test-taking strategies, time management and guessing techniques using past exams and simulated exams. Students review English grammar and vocabulary. (GMAT includes math review.)

TOEFL Writing

Students develop skills and strategies for writing the TOEFL essay. The skills students will learn to include decoding the topics, speed outlining, development of ideas, introductory paragraphs, unified support paragraphs, concluding paragraphs, transitions, editing, and sentence structure. Through weekly written assignments, students will become more comfortable and confident working within the 30-minute time frame.

New York City Campus Tuition Fees

Note that the fee structure is for the IEP Courses: Grammar and Writing, Reading and Vocabulary, Conversation and Listening, Pronunciation, Idioms & Walking Tours in New York.

Please follow this link for tuition fees.