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English Language Institute

Pre-Graduate Program

Many international students want to study for graduate degrees in the U.S., but are concerned about their English proficiency and cultural differences.Success in an American graduate school requires a special set of skills. The Pre-Graduate Program can help you prepare for the American graduate school experience. The Pre-Graduate Program is the only one of its kind in New York City. Students begin to prepare for their MBA or other graduate degrees by learning the skills for academic success.

In the Pre-Graduate Program students learn to:

  • Participate actively in group discussions
  • Work on team projects
  • Conduct library and internet research
  • Organize American-style research papers
  • Apply internet skills to class projects
  • Deliver sophisticated, clear, and confident presentations
  • Listen effectively and take notes during an academic lecture
  • Read for accuracy, meaning, and speed

Our experienced instructors use innovative, student-centered methods to teach. Students learn the academic skills they will use in graduate school. Students learn to become active members of an American graduate program. The classes are small, so students are able to receive the attention they deserve. All students in the Pre-Graduate program can use Pace University's library and computer lab facilities.

In the multimedia lab, students can practice their skills with TOEFL and GMAT preparation software. Every student receives assistance on their graduate application materials from the Pre-Graduate Advisor.

The Curriculum

The Pre-Graduate Program is a 12 (Summer) or 14 (Spring/Fall) week program. Students choose from the courses listed below and from other available courses. ELI F-1 students and Pre-Masters students must enroll in 18 hours per week.

Pre-Graduate Academic Skills: (5 hours per week)

Students learn the critical thinking, research, and writing skills needed in an American graduate school. Students work on projects taken from American business and culture. Graduate school professors and business professionals give guest lectures. The lectures enable students to perfect their new skills.

Pre-Graduate Communication Skills: (5 hours per week)

Students learn and practice skills for group discussions and class presentations. Students work on real graduate projects, and use their new skill to organize, research, and deliver professional presentations.

Pre-Graduate Academic Reading Skills: (4 hours per week)

Students improve reading, writing and critical thinking skills necessary for success in an American University. The focus of this course is on reading and high order critical thinking skills (analysis, synthesis, interpretation, evaluation, and application) with a minor emphasis on writing as a measure of assessment.

Case Studies

This course focuses on the case study method, the dominant tool for teaching in MBA programs. Students solve logistical and ethical problems taken from the real world, learn how to analyze the problems individually and in groups, make decisions and present their solutions to the class. Learning these skills is essential to anyone hoping to succeed in business school.

American Business Culture

Through class activities, guest speakers, films, Internet research, and team presentations, students learn the values and customs of American business life. The class focuses on teamwork to solve business problems and present solutions as a group.

New York City Campus Tuition Fees

When you arrive, you will take a placement test. After the test, an academic counselor will help you create a program that meets your needs. The total tuition fee depends on the courses you choose for your program. F-1 students and Pre-Masters student must enroll in 18 class hours per week. Some students may take more than 18 hours. Tuition for Pre-Graduate Academic Skills and Communication Skills includes academic counseling.

View the English Language Institute tuition fees.

Graduate Admission at Pace University

The TOEFL requirement will be waived for students who successfully complete the Pre-Graduate program (for prospective Pace Graduate students only) and are academically qualified for Seidenberg School of Computer Science & Information Systems.

ELI Students will apply to the Graduate Admission department before the completion of the Pre-Graduate program.  Students interested in applying to the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences or Lubin School of Business Graduate degree programs are required to take an additional semester of English instruction to receive the TOEFL waiver.

While attending ELI, students can receive assistance with graduate applications. An advisor will review the following documents:

  • Completed application for errors
  • Personal essay
  • Resume

**The TOEFL waiver does not apply to students that have already been accepted to the Pace Global Pathways Program.