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English Language Institute

Pre-Undergraduate Program (New York City)

Many international students want to take an undergraduate degree in the U.S., but are concerned about their English proficiency and cultural differences.  Success in an American university requires a special set of skills. The Pre-Undergraduate Program can help you prepare for the American university experience by learning the skills you will need for academic success.

Our experienced instructors use innovative, student-centered methods to teach. Learn the academic skills that you will use in your American university degree. The classes are small, so you will get focused feedback to help you improve quickly.

Every student receives assistance on their university application materials from the Pre-Undergraduate Advisor.

Course Descriptions

The Pre-Undergraduate program is a 12-(Summer) or 14-(Spring/Fall) week program.

Pre-Academic Skills

9 hours/week. This course simulates a college classroom in order to provide the skills necessary to succeed in an academic setting. Write an American-style research paper, learn academic reading skills and test-taking strategies, as well as to listen effectively and take notes during an academic lecture.

Pre-Academic Communication Skills:

5 hours/week. Learn and practice skills for group discussions and class presentations. Work on real graduate projects, and use your new skills to organize, research, and deliver professional presentations.

Grammar for Speaking  and Writing

4 hours/week. Focus on problematic grammar areas that may be impeding fluent expression in both English speaking and writing. A special emphasis is placed on grammatical accuracy for verbal communication in context. This course looks at the functions of verbal communication and identify the grammar needed to communicate within those functions.


  • Small interactive class
  • Professional native English speaking faculty
  • Academic and university application advisement
  • Certificate available by request
  • Full use of University facilities

Tuition Fees

View the English Language Institute tuition fees.


Please note that the English Language Institute only accepts online Form I-20 applications for our Intensive and Pre-Academic English programs.



Undergraduate Admission at Pace University

The TOEFL requirement will be waived for students who successfully complete the Pre-Undergraduate program (for prospective Pace Undergraduate students only) and are academically qualified. ELI Students will apply to the Undergraduate Admission department before the completion of the Pre-Undergraduate program.

While attending ELI, students can receive assistance with undergraduate applications. An advisor will review the following documents:

  • Completed application for errors
  • Personal essay

**The TOEFL waiver does not apply to students that have already been accepted to the Pace Global Pathways Program.

For more information, Please contact the English Language Institute at New York City Campus.

Phone: (212) 346-1562