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English Language Institute

Pre-Undergraduate Program

The Curriculum

The Pre-Undergraduate program is a 12 (Summer) or 14 (Spring/Fall) week program.

Academic Writing

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to college-level reading and writing and to explore various issues of American culture. Students are expected to read and think critically about assigned texts in order to develop thoughtful and effective written essays.

Students learn how to compose different styles of essays - persuasive, cause/effect, narrative and etc. Students improve grammar in the context of their own writing. Most students in the course plan to continue at Pace and are helped to prepare for meeting the requirements of university-level writing courses.

Academic Skills

This course simulates a college classroom in order to provide the skills necessary to succeed in an academic setting. Students write an American-style research paper, learn academic reading skills and test-taking strategies, as well as listen effectively and take notes during an academic lecture.

New York City Campus Tuition Fees

Note that the fee structure is for the Pre-Undergraduate Courses: Academic Writing, Academic Study Skills.

Please follow this link for tuition fees.

Undergraduate Admission at Pace University

The TOEFL requirement will be waived for students who successfully complete the Pre-Undergraduate program (for prospective Pace Undergraduate students only) and are academically qualified. ELI Students will apply to the Undergraduate Admission department before the completion of the Pre-Undergraduate program.

While attending ELI, students can receive assistance with undergraduate applications. An advisor will review the following documents:

  • Completed application for errors
  • Personal essay

**The TOEFL waiver does not apply to students that have already been accepted to the Pace Global Pathways Program.