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English Language Institute

3-week Winter Intensive Program

The Winter session is a 3-week Intensive English program offered during the month of January. Students can study full or part-time. The classes are small and taught by experienced and professional faculty.

The Curriculum

During the Winter program, there are 2 levels (Low Intermediate and Advanced). In each level, students can take grammar/writing, conversation/listening, and an integrated skills course using the thematic approach titled "Language and Culture - Fluency Power!".

Grammar and Writing

Students learn grammar in the context of their own writing and through controlled exercises from the textbook. Students master their mistakes and improve their writing through the process of editing and revising.  Students also learn how to correct their mistakes and improve their writing by editing and revising their papers.

Conversation and Listening

Students improve conversational fluency and listening comprehension. This class focuses on communicating ideas in English. Audio, video, and reading materials are used for conversation topics and for developing listening skills.

Language & Culture - Fluency Power!

Language & Culture - Fluency Power! is an integrated skills course using the thematic approach. Lesson content will focus on the themes of language, culture, and identity while students practice their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. A special focus of the course will be on gaining confidence, accuracy, and fluency in spoken English.

Tuition Fees

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