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Welcome to NYC

Welcome to the English Language Institute at Pace University! We are excited to meet you at your placment test! We understand that coming to live in New York City is not an easy process. To help make the transition easier you can use the information below to help with your first days in New York City.

Subway and Train Information

The New York City subway operates 24hours a day, 7 days a week! During the weekend and late at night some trains run on a different schedule because of ongoing construction. You can find all of the stops on your train line on the Metropolitan Transit Authority's (MTA) website here. The direct web-site address is offers excellent subway/train/bus directions! If you know your starting address and ending address you can enter both and see which trains will get you there! Hopstop also adjusts for late night and weekend schedules. While you are adjusting to the NYC subway and getting around New York you may want to check Hopstop before you leave your house! Click here. The direct website address is Make sure to select New York City!

Walking around New York can become confusing! Basically, Manhattan is a large grid! You should know that:

  • Numbered Avenues (3rd avenue, 2nd avenue, 5th avenue, etc) run NORTH-SOUTH
  • Numbered Streets (42nd street, 34th street, 14th street, etc) run EAST-WEST.
  • The EAST SIDE is 5th Avenue and anywhere EAST.
  • The WEST SIDE is 6th Avenue and anywhere WEST.

We suggest using Google maps to help you with walking around at first. Most smart phones carry Google maps such as iPhones, Blackberries, and Droid. You can download to your phone at


We write addresses in the US the following way:

Name of Person/Company Receiving Mail
House Number, Street
Apt/Flr # (if necessary)
City, State, Zip Code (Postal Code)
United States

If you want to send mail to the ELI for example you would write it as:

Pace University English Language Institute
163 William Street
21st Floor
New York, NY 10038
United States

Make sure you write the correct part of New York City in the address. "New York" as the city means Manhattan. In Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island you would use those names as the city. In Queens you use the neighborhood so if you are mailing something to Flushing you would write it as "Flushing, NY".

Important Phone Numbers

There are a lot of phone numbers you can save in your cell phone that you may find useful while in New York City. A few are listed below:

  • The English Language Institute at Pace University - (212) 346-1562
  • Pace University Health Care Unit (nurses office) - (212) 346-1600
  • EMERGENCY - 911
  • 311 - New York City has a free public hotline known as "311" that you can call if you have questions about the buses and subway, yellow taxi or subway lost & found information, power/electric outage information, health program information, heat complaint (landlord/apartment owner), etc. All you need to do is dial 311 and speak with someone who will be able to give you information!
  • Postal Service - (212) 330-4000
  • New York Public Library - (212) 340-0849
  • New York JFK Airport - (718) 244-4444
  • New York LaGuardia Airport - (718) 533-3400
  • Narcotics Anonymous - (212) 929-7117
  • Alcoholics Anonymous - (212) 647-1680
  • Violence Hotline - (800) 621-HOPE